Monday, July 27, 2020

Home Sweet New Home: We've Moved In!

Hi friends! It's been a few months since I've given an update on our Home Renovation Project. I laugh and laugh and laugh at the thought that when we originally bought this house back in September we thought we were going to move in February. 

And were nervous about the kids being forced to transfer schools mid-year. 

And what would happen if we sold our house too quickly. 

Just goes to show you God has other plans sometimes. 

School? Well, y'all know what happened there (#pandemic2020). In the end moving schools was the least of our worries. 

Our other house? Still own it. 


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We actually moved at the end of May. With Summer approaching, the kids done with "school", and renovation at a point that was livable we decided to just go ahead and move in. Mostly because it was becoming tough to manage the renovations from a far. It was also tough keeping our home show ready at all times with three kids and a furry shedding dog, when there really isn't any where to go. 

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The kids were troopers through it all, and since the pandemic is still going strong, we didn't really get to say goodbye to our old neighborhood like we wanted to. We are still close enough to visit, but it still wasn't the way we wanted to leave. 

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To speed up the process we did a lot of the finishing details ourselves. It helps to be married to a super handy husband. 

In the end, when we moved renovations were about 85% done. The Master Bath and the basement were still under construction. And if I'm being honest didn't really finish up until last week. 

Last minute we decided to gut and renovate our Master Bath.  The sub contractor we used said what we wanted to do was relatively easy and would take him under two weeks with his full team. We were on track for that, but The Rona got us. Logistically at least. 

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The garage renovation started last week and it's the last thing on our list. For now. We've already determined that in the next few months we are going to have to replace all the windows on this house. But that's a quick project. Once the garage is finished - we done. 

Slowly, but surely we've been unpacking and making this house our home. While I am super sad to be leaving my old neighborhood and the memories we created in our old home, this has been a fun process for us. 

It's been fun turning something into our own. It's been amazing playing in the pool daily, and we've had a blast entertaining people. Having a large yard and quiet streets has been a huge positive for our family. I can see what kind of childhood they will grow up with, and it's more than made the decision worth it. 

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I'll share more details soon. It's amazing to see some of the before and afters of each room. 

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