Friday, November 12, 2021

4 Books to Gift this Holiday Season

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It's no secret that we are huge readers. One of our favorite things to do is read a book and chat about it with our girlfriends. We constantly update each other with what we are reading, what everyone needs to grab ASAP to read with us, and what books are duds. So when Harper Collins sent four of their latest releases to us, we were excited for several reasons:

1: Who doesn't love a sneak peek at a new release?!

2: Gift giving season is upon us, and now we have four GREAT book suggestions to gift our friends and family this holiday season! 

We love gifting books almost as much as we love getting books as gifts. Giving books as gifts are a great way to personalize a meaningful gift to the recipient. Favorite genre, a great coffee table book, a biography of their favorite actor - the options are endless! 


We already can't wait to gift one of these fiction titles to special people on our our list. Each novel is a little different and is definitely a must read this holiday season! 

by RaeAnne Thayne

Christmas magic meets heartwarming romance in this emotional and uplifting holiday novel. In Sleigh Bells Ring, we are whisked away to the winter wonderland of a Wyoming ranch weeks before Christmas. Annie suddenly finds herself the sole caretaker of her six year old niece and nephew twins, and Tate is the man who could uproot their lives yet again. When Annie learns that Tate plans to sell the Wyoming ranch that provides both her home and her job, she is crushed. But Tate isn't completely heartless, and enlists Annie to help give the ranch a Christmas send off that won't be forgotten. 

A touching story of family, hope, and love - gift this novel to those who love a good feel good read to snuggle up on the couch with. 

by Tara Laskowski

Have a person on your list who loves a good thriller? The Mother Next Door is going to be the novel you slip under their tree this year. This juicy domestic suspense follows a group of influential neighborhood moms who live in picture perfect cul-de-sac of Ivy Woods Drive. Known as the Ivy Five, they work together for months planning the Halloween party of all Halloween parties.  But sometimes not everything is as perfect as it seems. 

The seemingly quiet suburban neighborhood has a dark past, and its inhabitants will go to extreme lengths to hide it. Murder, neighborhood politics, and unraveled secrets - this year's party promises to be one no one will forget! 

Make sure your gift recipient clears their calendar for this one because from start to finish, this twisty thriller will be hard to put down. 

by Susan Feldman

Two sisters struggle to live up to the expectations of their roles as females in the Duncan family. With the desire to break free of their roles and escape their demanding father, they find themselves on the front lines of WWI. The brutal war surrounds them, but even in the harshest of conditions Elise and Ruth thrive in their new unconventional roles. 

Based on true events, Sisters of the Great War is an excellent fictional portrayal of the resilience, sacrifice, and bonds that were experienced by the women in WWI. Historical fiction lovers on your list will love getting to immerse themselves in this often untold side of history. 

by Sarah Morgan

Morgan whisks us away to the beautiful Lapland of Sweden for this tale of friendship and love. Christy is excited for the perfect Christmas getaway with her family and best friend, until she experiences a marriage crisis she's not sure she can fix. Best friend Alix has no idea what is wrong, but still agrees to take Christy's young daughter by herself on the planned adventure with the promise to meet up on Christmas Day. 

Alix is thrown for another loop when she runs into a former nemesis staying in the same location. But she quickly thaws to the idea (see what we did there?) when sizzling feelings emerge. 

The Christmas Escape is the perfect book to gift those on your list who love a good vacation read. Filled with lots of drama, lots of steamy romance, and lots of holiday magic - it will be tough not to be in a festive mood reading what's between these covers. 


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