Wednesday, November 17, 2021

5 Holiday Traditions We Love

Some of our favorite holiday memories growing up aren't really about the toys we received, but about the traditions we participated in with our families. We both recall spending hours baking with our grandmothers. Jen remembers her grandfather reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas each year with all of her cousins as the last activity before bed on Christmas Eve. There's the always popular "milk and cookies for Santa" tradition, and most recently, as parents ourselves, we've had the joy (???) of The Elf on the Shelf. 

We were chatting with Janette of Pineapple Porch Boutique about some of our favorite holiday traditions growing up, and she kindly introduced us to a few new ones that we can't wait to share with our own families. 


When we first heard about The Mouse in the Hammock we fell in love. This is the parents answer to that mischievous elf that has been popular the last few years. This little mouse teaches children that small deeds can make a big impact. He wakes from his Christmas tree hammock each night, and scurries around doing good deeds.  

What a great idea right? Promoting kindness and how you don't have to be big to do big things - that's a tradition worth celebrating during the holiday season! 

Okay husbands - listen up! Here's a tradition we want you to get on board with! 

When local Atlantan Kate Stewart got married, she asked her husband where her "bauble stocking" was. Little did he know Kate's family tradition was to participate in a fun scavenger hunt culminating in finding a special bauble in a stocking on the tree each holiday season. Kate felt this was such a fun tradition growing up, that she wanted others to share in that holiday joy each year too. She creates the stockings, you come up with the bauble. 

It's no wonder these gorgeous hand stitched Bauble Stockings have quickly caught on! Pineapple Porch carries several unique designs in stock for you to begin your own tradition!

Collecting ornaments has to be one of our favorite all time traditions. Each year as we put up our trees, we love walking down memory lane via our ornaments. Our trees are a personal museum of past relatives, places we've traveled, shared hobbies, photos, and handmade gifts a plenty.  As we walked the gorgeous floors of Pineapple Porch we couldn't help but get smiles on our faces as we took in all the ornament bedazzled trees. 

From local landmarks and glittering glam to fa la la funny - Janette has done a great job of having a little something for everyone when it comes to ornament style. 

Anyone who hosts a holiday event knows it is a lot of work. Therefore we will forever and always be behind the tradition of giving a gift to the hostess. 

From serving items, to delicious smelling candles to fun napkins - Pineapple Porch has a little bit of everything on hand to make your hostess feel special and appreciated for all their hard work. 

One of the most widely known traditions during the holiday season is the celebration of the advent calendar. From chocolate surprises behind cardboard doors to building entire Lego scenes, there are so many different options, and ways to countdown to the birth of Jesus.

But when we spotted this gorgeous decorative Advent Calendar in Pineapple Porch we swooned. What a gorgeous decorative piece to help countdown to the big day! 

Do you have any special traditions you do each holiday season? 

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