Monday, August 1, 2022

Kitchen Confessions {Lemon Garlic Mahi Mahi}

A few weeks ago I got a wild hair and decided to try out a new recipe.  You know I'm all for easy and quick dinners that will make everyone happy.  When I came across this Easy Perfect Mahi Mahi recipe I decided to give it a try.  We've got a freezer full of fish that the Mr. caught on one of his fishing trips, but I never seem to be able to cook it just right...until now.  

This tasted like something from a restaurant!  Seriously so good and it really was simple to make.  I did the lemon garlic butter ahead of time and the fish cooks quickly so it was a simple weeknight meal and something everyone loved. I will definitely be making it again! 

Lemon Garlic Mahi Mahi 

Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce 


2 TB salted butter, softened

1 TB chopped parsley 

2 TB garlic cloves, minced (I used the kind in a jar)

1/8 tsp salt 

1/4 tsp ground pepper 

1 TB fresh lemon juice 



2 TB olive oil 

4 (1- inch thick) Mahi-Mahi fillets 

salt and pepper 


1. Preheat oven to 400 F with rack on middle position 

2. Add all ingredients for lemon garlic butter sauce in a small pan and stir to fully combine. Set aside. 

3. Pat dry all excess moisture from the fish with paper towels. Sprinkle evenly both sides with salt and pepper. 

4. In a large oven-safe skillet heat olive oil over high heat. When oil is hot add fish fillets and cook until browned on one side (about 3-4 minutes). Carefully flip fillets to the other side and immediately transfer to pre-heated oven. 

5. Roast fish for 4-5 minutes until top is golden and center is cooked through. 

6. While fish is cooking warm lemon garlic butter sauce over medium heat. 

7. Remove fish from oven and top with butter sauce. Garnish with extra lemon slices. 

8. Enjoy! 

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