Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Findlay Rowe Anniversary Recap + Holiday Open House Details

 On Friday we participated in Findlay Rowe's 11 year anniversary party! And let us just tell you - those girls know how to party. The champagne was flowing, the music was blaring, and the people were a shopping! 

We felt so honored to be a part of it all. It's been so fun for us to work along side these ladies for the last few years, and get the opportunity to be a part of their growth. They are amazing people and if you ever get the chance to chat and shop with them - do it! Even the smallest of interactions makes you feel good. 

It also doesn't hurt that their stores are filled to the brim with amazing goodies. 

We had the best time, and thought we'd share a little sneak peek at some of the fun. Then we'll share a few details about the next event - so you can join in too!!



The Holiday Open House is probably one of our favorite Findlay Rowe events. If anyone knows how to do the holidays right, it's these ladies.  

The Open House will be over the course of a few days, but we will be in person giving a presentation at their Woodstock, Georgia location on Friday, November 4th. 

Fun Fact: That's also Carrie Beth's birthday!

So stop by, say "Hi!", and join in all the fun celebrations! 

Learn more and RSVP for the event HERE

Come spend the day with us on:

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