Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chalk Paint {Round 2}

Today I'm going to share about another chalk paint project I recently completed, but first a little back story.  In July of 2013 we bought an older ranch home and begun the demo so we could start building our new house.  We bought the house from a widow that had lived here since 1966 with her late husband and their children.  Because of the lot, we ended up keeping the basement as is.  The family cleared out and moved a lot of things and took what they wanted, but they left a lot of "treasures" down there for us to have.  Some of it was trash, but there were some amazing finds, too.  

One of my favorite things I found were these giant mason jars.  I mean, I know I could probably go buy some like this at the store, but knowing these have age and history and that they were authentic before the mason jar craze began just makes me love them that much more.  I've used them as flower vases so far and I can't wait to find more fun uses for them in our house.  

Another fun find was this old crate.  It was actually holding some of the mason jars down in the basement.  My hubby cleaned it up a bit and suggested using it for firewood on our porch, which I thought was a great idea.  

We love having fires in the winter time and my hubs is the one that has ago go out and around the house to our firewood stash.  I thought it would be great to chalk paint the crate so it would look nice on our porch.  When I was purchasing the paint for the table in Little Mama's room, picked another color to use for the crate.

Just like with the table, after I was done painting two coats I took sand paper to it to give the crate a distressed look.

Then I was ready for the wax.  For the table I had used the light wax, but this time I wanted to try the dark. When I opened it up, it was VERY dark.

As in, black.  I was nervous it might mess up the crate and not give the look I was going for, but I just started applying it VERY lightly because a little goes a very long way.  It defiantly changed the color of the paint, making it darker, and gave it more of a dirty, old, antique look.  And I mean dirty in the best way possible!  I love things with history and meaning and age on them.

Just like I talked about with the wax for the table (HERE) the piece can only absorb a certain amount of the wax so after I applied a little section I would take a old wash cloth and rub off the excess.

I love the way it turned out and I love how functional it is for us! It sits right by the side door on our porch, making it really easy to get to the firewood for our fires.

I imagine that in the spring and summer time I will find another purpose for it, but for now it's great to help us achieve a warm and cozy fire a little easier!

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  1. Hey! I wanted to let you know that with the AS Chalk Paint you have to clear wax, always, before dark way. And make sure it has plenty of time to cure. Also be careful waxing porch pieces b/c if it gets really warm the wax could melt. I know you are using a different brand so maybe there are less steps or I read this wrong.

    1. Lauryn- Thank you so much for letting me know. I definitely plan to use AS on the next project I hope to tackle soon. Also, I never would have thought about the wax melting in the heat on the porch!!!


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