Monday, January 12, 2015

Target {Dollar Spot Love}

Happy Monday!!!  We hope everyone had a great weekend and that your week is off to a fantastic start.  It is cold and rainy here in our neck of the woods so not the best way to start a Monday morning.  In my head I'm dreaming of warm temps and sunshine!  

First things first, we want to announce the winner of our White House | Black Market gift card giveaway.  

Congratulations Lizzi G.!  Email us at to claim your prize!!!  

Now, onto the topic of today - Target.  I don't know if I can full explain my love for Target, but I'll try. Sending the girls back to school last week made me a little bummed, but a quick trip to Target was just what I needed to brighten my spirit.  

I could walk around Target for hours, just browsing up and down the aisles, checking out clothes, accessories, home decor, toys, all of it!  I also love that I can go there and get groceries (our Target has a small grocery section), pharmacy items, clothes and even everyday stuff like tooth paste, paper towels and cleaning supplies.  I usually end up just like this:

Photo from Pinterest 

One of my most favorite things about Target is right up front when you walk in.  I know you ladies know what I'm talking about...The Dollar Spot.  Because everyone who is a pro at "girl math" knows this is pretty much true: 

Now, while I do know that those little $1 items can add up quickly, I also know that you can find some really fantastic stuff for next to nothing.  I love how it changes from week to week and they always have fun seasonal items.  Target tries to get sneaky and add in some $3 and $5 items sometimes, so you have to be careful before you start tossing stuff in your cart, but even at those prices, the deals are still pretty awesome. 

Last week while I was there I found all sorts of cute things for Valentines Day or just for everyday and I had to share them with y'all. 

Fancy Mason Jars
It's no secret that Jen and I love a good mason jar and when I saw these I knew I had to have a couple.  The gold glitter jar is perfection and I know I will be able to use it for all sorts of things.  As soon as the rain stops I plan to get some magnolia leaves and other greenery from my yard to fill it with for now.  The painted jar came with either red or pink lids and it even has a cute chalkboard label on the front!  I don't even know what I'm going to use those for yet, but I know I will find a purpose soon.  

Galvanized Buckets 
When I saw this little goodie I knew exactly what I would use it for.  Hubby loves to add flavored water enhancer to his water and he loves to leave it sitting right by the sink so it is convenient.  I love putting it away in the pantry so our counters aren't cluttered.  Every time I put it away, he gets them back out so now we are compromising and keeping them in this cute little bucket.  I've also got Boo-Boo's medicine for his ear infection in there and all sorts of other little items that I need to have in the kitchen. 

Really these would be awesome just about anywhere though.  I thought about picking up a few more to use for crayons and markers in the playroom, for little toys, and on my desk for odds and ends.  

Burlap Cosmetic Bags 
These cute little burlap cosmetic bags were a steal at $3 each.  There were several different designs, but this one was my favorite with the painted black stripes.  I knew right away I would get them for little teacher gifts for Valentine's Day.

I added all of the teacher's monograms in red and just love the way they turned out.  For $3 and a little bit of my time to do the monogramming, we will have sweet gifts to give our amazing teachers. These bags are small, but they are big enough to hold the essentials like lip gloss, a few cards or ID's, chapstick, money, keys, etc.  I could see someone using them in a purse, gym bag, in their cars or beach bags.  

Even the inside has details and is lined with heart printed fabric.  

DIY Valentine Wreath 
My last great find were these grapevine wreaths and felt flowers.  They are meant to be used together for a DIY Valentine wreath.  I'd had another idea I was going to make for my front doors for Valentine's Day, but when I saw this stuff I just knew it was too easy to pass up.  

Originally I'd planned to just hot glue the flowers on, but then when I opened the packages I saw that they flowers already had clothes pins attached.  All I did was clip these on the jute twine that was already wrapped around the wreaths and I was done!

It doesn't get any's like a foolproof DIY for Dummies.  They turned out cute and are the perfect little addition to my doors for the next month!

That's it for now (or until my next trip to Target).  ;-)  Don't y'all just love all of those fun finds?!?!  I'm hoping a Target near you will still have some of these items so you can pick some up for yourself!  
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  1. Love the wreath... so much that I ran out and grabbed the supplies to throw one together myself:)! Thank you! I'm a little {too} addicted to Target dollar aisles:/! Mine was pretty wiped out, but I at least was able to snatch the wreath and flowers:)!

    1. Yea!!! Glad you were able to find the stuff for the wreath!


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