Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Party Prep: Super Hero Style

This upcoming weekend marks Cute's forth birthday. Just like Little Cute's birthday last year, this moment is slightly bittersweet. How is my little boy almost four?!? I feel like just yesterday I was in the hospital holding his tiny sweet little hand. My tiny little 5lb newborn has grown into a full fledged boy blur in the blink of a minute. Please time, slow down!!!

I LOVE throwing a party for anything, but the chance to celebrate one of my littles tops my list. This year Cute was very VERY opinionated about his party this year. Last year he somewhat got the idea of picking a theme (he chose race cars), but this year he's been quite concerned over every detail. Even the napkins needed his approval. 

His main requirements for this year's party are:
- A super hero/bad guy party
- A Spiderman cake
- Jumping or Chuck E Cheese

(and wait for it...)

- Tough guy faces. Super bad tough guy faces. Everything has to be "super bad". 

With the super hero theme set in place I began my portion of the party planning. Cute's favorite super heroes are Batman, Spiderman, and (his absolute favorite) Captain America. I designed an invite around those three main superheroes in mind. 

I was so excited when I went to the post office that I found Batman stamps. How perfect! You all know my love for all things matchy matchy. 

I let Cute help me pick out his favors to an extent. We found these fun cups and stickers and then included some other fun treats. 

Then Cute helped me with an assembly line and we wrapped them up in a coordinating color themed cellophane bag with matching thank you tags. 

Cute has also become quite obsessed with stuff with his name on it. They are learning how to spell their names at school and this is translating over to home. So as a fun little extra treat I made him his own special water bottle to drink from during the party. He was so over the moon too see it had his monogram on it, and even slept with it one night. This monogram loving mommy couldn't have been more proud. :)

Yesterday we survived a cake choosing experience that I would not like to re-live. After an hour of great debate, we will have two cakes because he couldn't decide on just one, and I would have offered the sweet, and patient, Publix lady a bonus tip if I knew she would have been allowed to take it. Oh my if this is four, I can't imagine how opinionated five will be! 

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