Monday, November 21, 2016

Fashion Fix: What I Wore {Red and Black Edition}

Happy Monday!  Blogging a little later than normal on this Monday because we are on Thanksgiving Break and we are all taking our sweet time doing everything this week.  No school means no homework, no sports, and no rushing around.  We are going to soak up every second.  If you follow along on Instagram you might have seen where I am for a few days.

Today I decided it was time for another edition of What I Wore and when I went back and looked at the pictures of my outfits over the past couple of weeks I saw a trend.  Lots of Red and Black and not only because we were supporting our favorite football team.  Here's the thing though even if you aren't a UGA fan, I still love the colors together for fall and especially as we get ready to head into Christmas.

A few weeks ago the Mr. and I did go to the UGA vs. Auburn game and had so much fun.  We totally were expecting to loose game, but the Dawgs pulled out a win and it was such a fun game to be at!

After the game I posted this picture of us at our tailgate and had several people comment on my outfit.  I wore the red version of my favorite jeans, my favorite leopard belt, and a vintage red necklace that belonged to my grandmother. 

We had a few cooler days so I was excited to pull out one of my favorite fall things to wear...a vest!  I got this red and black one for Christmas last year and love it because it is perfect for keeping me warm, but not too warm.  This one is sold out, but there are some similar ones in different colors here and here.  I love the navy and white!

For my birthday my mother-in-law gave me this awesome red and black buffalo check shirt.  I wore it last week and had SO many compliments on it.  It looks like it is flannel, but actually it is very light weight and made of a sheer material so I wore a black tank under it.  I put it with my favorite belt (I seriously wear this all of the time) and my new booties.

There is a fun lace detail on the back of this shirt you can see on the website. I didn't get a picture of it because as you can see below, I have a dog that craves attention and is quite needy so he didn't want me to be posing for pictures.  He just wanted pets!  

I'm in NC with my kids visiting family for a few days and knew I wanted to have cute, but comfy clothes with me.  I shared about this gray and black lace tunic a few weeks ago and it is awesome. I love it with black denim, with jeans and yesterday I wore it with black leggings. This tunic top is long enough to wear with leggings, which I love, and it is less than $25 and comes in 5 different colors. Mine is called dark steel.  Yesterday we went to lunch, went bowling with my dad, and then met up with some other family for dinner so I knew I wanted to be in something that would be comfortable all day long.

It was pretty chilly though so I threw on my red and black scarf (that was a birthday gift from a dear friend) and my red vest!  I hadn't planned on wearing these things together, but loved the way it looked when I had it on. Plus, my Ugg boots finally got to be worn!  It's been so warm that I haven't been able to pull them out of the closet, but this week is the week!

Funny story, but when we got to dinner my aunt told me she had that same shirt and we laughed about how much we love Old Navy. I'm not being paid by them to say this, but that is probably the number one place I buy clothes from for myself.  Their stuff is so affordable, fun, trendy, always on sale and everything fits me really well.

We hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving week and prepped for lots of yummy food later this week!

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  1. Your seats at the Auburn game were literally right behind us! So sad I missed seeing you!

    1. No way! I'm going to have to start checking with you before we head to a game to see if you are going to be there!


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