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Jumping into Summer Safely with Stearns® Puddle Jumper

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Living in the South, being on the water is a way of life, and like most people in the Summer months we tend to spend more than the normal amount of time in or around a body of water. From lakes to oceans to the nearest pool, you will find us floating somewhere trying to ward off that infamous heat and humidity of the deep south.


Keeping Safe While Having Fun

Because we spend more near larger bodies of water we stress water safety to our littles ones from a very young age. We don’t want to diminish their familiarity, but we don’t take any chances when it comes to their well being. We try to establish boundaries that they understand, and give them tools that keep them safe while they are having fun swimming. One of my all time favorite swim safety aids is the Stearns® Puddle Jumper.  


Cute wore one when he was younger, and now both the girls wear one anytime we are in or near the water. We have done our fair share of testing water safety devices, and the Puddle Jumper is by far our favorite for beginning swimmers.  


I love the Puddle Jumper because they are a U.S. Coast Guard approved PDF (personal flotation device) rated for children weighing 30-50lbs. That means it can be used in any water excursion we might find ourselves in, and gives me great ease knowing that is it one of the safest water safety devices for my little ones to be in. I pack them in my beach bag for the pool or the beach, and even use them on our boat!


The kids love this because unlike other PDFs the fabric is super soft and the Puddle Jumper itself is extremely comfortable. Because of the unique construction of the Puddle Jumper it doesn’t ride up around their necks or have rough straps throughout to keep it in place, which helps to eliminate all that uncomfortable chafing that might occur when wearing a PDF for a longer length of time. The more comfortable everyone is the more fun we can have!



Give the Gift of Safety

I love the Puddle Jumper so much that I often give them as gifts to little ones. I usually create a little water safety gift basket or - my personal favorite - create a Water Safety Cake to gift. It’s fun and everything is usable to help create a safe and fun summer, and in just a few easy steps you can create your own too.


  • 1 regular sized beach towel
  • Swim diapers (We use approximately 75 size medium diapers. Amount will vary.)
  • Large rubber bands
  • Ribbon
  • Optional embellishments: sunscreen, goggles, safety whistle, etc.

1: Purchase a Puddle Jumper. The Stearns® Puddle Jumper 3D Life Jackets from Target are my favorite. The patterns and 3D designs with characters the kids love just add to the fun.


They can be found on the water sports aisle and are available year round.


2: I pick out a coordinating towel, purchase the other supplies and then am ready to begin construction of the water safety cake.


3: Roll up towel and secure tightly with one of the large rubber bands.


Once secure stand upright leaving the folding side at the top.


4: Place a large rubber band around the base of the towel. Roll from top to bottom a swim diaper and insert rolled swim diaper centered into the rubber band.


Repeat until you have the base of the towel completely surrounded.


Add an additional rubber band and then add a second layer to create a larger base. Repeat the process for a second and third tier until you have the shape of a cake. The top of the towel should be slightly exposed above the top layer.


5: Attach the Stearns® Puddle Jumper 3D Life Jacket around the center layer.


Using the Puddle Jumpers on strap is the easiest way to secure it to the cake. Simply adjust the back strap as necessary.


Once completely assembled the items should resemble a cake with the Puddle Jumper as the centerpiece.


Note: Attach any optional items during this step.

6: Use ribbon and to hide the rubber bands holding the safety cake together. Place on a tray or wrap as desired. Make it fun!


7: Gift and let the water fun begin!


How do you plan to celebrate water safety and jump into your summer?

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To learn more about water safety and Stearns® Puddle Jumpers:

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