Monday, June 5, 2017

Mix & Mingle: Threaded

Happy Monday, Friends.  We just love our little blog and all of the amazing people we get to meet as a result of what we do.  Our "Mix & Mingle" series is one of our absolute favorites because we love getting to share a little more about the people who help create the amazing products we come across.

Today we'd like to introduce you to Stephanie, founder and chief designer for Threaded.  

When we first came across her products and her company we were immediately intrigued.  She understands that sometimes along with the chaos of motherhood women can loose their sense of fashion to functionality.  Especially in those early years when we're just trying to survive!  However, her goal is to provide product solutions for busy women and especially moms.

She also has a strong interest in family and community.  Her kids can be seen chipping in with packing and shipping during busy times and she shares her talents with the community as she teaches sewing lessons for both children and adults.  

First let's get to know a little bit more about Stephanie...

I'm 49, live in VA with my 2 schnauzers, husband and 2 sons that are 16 & 11 years old.  I have an MS degree in college and community counseling that I hope to one day use since I'm still paying it off!  I LOVE Threaded - it's something that not only feeds my family, it also feeds my soul. How lucky is that?

I've never had any real drive to travel outside the US unless maybe it's a long trip in wilds of Canada. I love to develop a connection to a place and there are two places in my lifetime that I've connected with. First in my early 20's I took a 2 week backpacking trip in the canyon lands of Utah. I have never been more spiritually connected to a place in my life. Just writing about it, I can smell the red dirt, and feel wide open space. The stillness engulfs you, which is surprising considering how it is teeming with life all around you.  It is a beautiful place that makes you feel beautiful yourself to be there. The second place is a small river in WV called the Cacapon River (means healing waters). This is a place I discovered with my family when we were looking for a piece of land where we could escape in the summer and fall months. I love this place and wish I could spend everyday there with my family. It is beautiful, peaceful, it smells of earth and it calms the nerves. Healing waters is the perfect name. It is a fabulous piece of land on this magical little river where my husband and I plan to retire. 

Free time?  What's that?

Despite growing up around great seamstresses, it took motherhood to set my wheels in motion.  The demands of motherhood and my eye for creative problem solving formed a new muse: Creating supremely functional and incredibly durable items that are life-proof and designed specifically for fashion-minded, hard-working women.  

Everything. Nothing. Sadness, happiness, filling a need, a random flash of color, a small brainstorm, suggestions from friends. It's a perpetual motion for me. I never stop being creative. 

Now that we've shared a little more about Stephanie and Threaded, we'd love to introduce you to her amazing products!  All her fabrics are sourced from American providers whenever possible and hand-selected for their beautify and durability.  With every design you can expect to feel the intent behind the product and the handmade quality.

We feel in love her with beach bags.  We spend a lot of time on the boat, at the pool, or at the beach in the summers and we know that with small children we often feel like we are bringing everything with us for the day.  No bag can be too big or hold too much.

Threaded's unique designs offer lots of options no matter what you are looking for!  From pockets to keep us organized, waterproof liners so we are sure our things never get wet, and the durability we need!

This cute sea turtle beach bag is adorable and perfect for a day on the boat or a trip to the pool.  The ship rope handles are sturdy, yet soft and you can select what design you want...anything from a crab, to a sailboat or an anchor.  I picked the sea turtle because Little Mama loves everything having to do with sea turtles!

This large beach bag is made with a sweatshirt fabric so it is extra soft  and the double outside pockets make it perfect for keeping things organized and easy to get to.

The interior fabric also has a bit of stretch and it has plenty of room for all our essentials.

We just love this decorative coral fabric and the nautical rope drawstring closure so we are sure nothing falls out!

Her handmade clutches are SO cute!  It's not everyday we get to put away our mom bag and swap it out for something smaller, but when we do we are instantly drawn to something as stylish and fashionable as this!  From animal prints to florals, she has something for just about anyone's style.

As a former teacher (CB) I know all of the stuff that teachers haul back and forth to school each day.  A sturdy bag that looks cute and that can keep you organized is key and Threaded has so many great options for teacher bags and totes!  A mix of fabrics and some with monogram options make these the perfect choice for every teacher!

The options are endless and Threaded offers everything from picnic blankets, infinity scarves, table runners and bridesmaid bags.  Be sure to check out her site to see all that she offers!

To learn more about Threaded: 
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