Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday Favorites: So Thankful Edition

Happy post-Thanksgiving everyone! Today, I feel as though my pants are still a little too tight, and my food coma hasn't worn off. All signs of an awesome Thanksgiving! 

We've had a fun break, and I can't believe how quickly it has flown by! So glad we still have the weekend ahead, and lots of holiday shopping in the future. ;)

CB's had an awesome Thanksgiving break too! I've been living vicariously through her tropical turkey vacation on Instagram. I am anxiously awaiting for her arrival home this weekend so I can hear all about it! 

Today I'm linking up as usual for Friday Favorites. I have so much to share! 

We kicked off the break with tons of fun. First up was seeing my baby cousin get married! Mr. Cute and I left the kids behind early and made our way out with some family for a little pre-wedding cocktail. 

We had a blast visiting with out of town family, eating some yummy food, watching a gorgeous bride, and doing a little dancing. Weddings will always be my favorite. Someone else needs to get married stat! 

The day after the wedding, we met up with some of my out of town relatives for lunch. I brought the kids this time, and they kept us entertained. 

Who knows where they think of these things? But if sliding down on the hotel lobby stairs keeps them happy, fine by me. #badmom

It could have been the result of visiting Rocket Fizz just beforehand. This little candy shop located in downtown Decatur had every kind of candy you could imagine. The kids went crazy! 


It also had a million different kinds of sodas. Everything from peanut butter and jelly soda to pickle juice soda (yes, you read that right!). 

We were cracking up at some of the titles of them. We were even brave enough to give a few a try. 

Thanksgiving obviously makes one of my favorites this week. We hosted this year and while it wasn't our first year hosting, it was our first year making the turkey. 

I was a little nervous, but then I did what any good host would do, and delegated. Mr. Cute took over and I gladly supervised. We made two turkeys (one in the oven and one in the Egg). We figured the odds of ruining two turkeys were small. 

But we still had a few restaurants on backup. Luckily, both were delicious and we can check that life milestone off our list. 

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving though has to be the Macy's Day parade. I love seeing all the different groups that come through and remember loving all the floats when I was a child. On my bucket list is actually being in the parade one day. Anyone know how to make that happen? I don't think I'm quite up to being a Rocket anymore, but could totally rock being clown number seven. 

The kids sat and watched the whole time, and Cute didn't move the entire time. Their excitement at seeing Santa at the end was infectious, and a memory I won't ever forget!

Now that the holidays are in full swing, consuming every treat I can possibly get my hands on is in full swing too. Treats are always my favorite. I've been trying my hardest to stick to our clean eating ways, but somethings are just too hard to resist. 

Like these little snack treat mixes from Target. They have them each year and I LOVE them. A little too much sometimes. The Cinnamon Pecan popcorn and Rudolph's Mix are my favorites. I already need to restock. They make awesome gifts add-ons for neighbors, friends and teachers too!

I put out my favorites for the holiday in my new favorite stoneware pieces. I love the Tara at Home stoneware line, and just received these new pieces. I served the turkey on the Mila platter, and then the mixes in the Mila Ramekins. I love anything that can go from baking, to serving, to storing and still look that good! 

The pattern and quality are gorgeous, and they will be perfect to have out for the entire holiday season!

One thing I've noticed this break is how mischievous B.C. is. She is a climber to the extreme and no spot in the house is off limits. She breaks into child safety locks, and looks at us with a face that says, "That was supposed to be a challenge?!".

Her adventurous ways and lack of fear are not my favorite, but seeing her little personality emerge even more is. I've realized how quickly she is leaving the baby stage behind. She's becoming a her own little person, and aside from giving me a heart attack hourly, its super fun. 

(Yes that's a child lock on my pantry. And yes she dragged a stool over, opened it, dragged the stool again, climbed up and perused her snack options. Heart attack.)

How cute are these little shoes?!? Cute little baby girl shoes will always be my favorite. Always. 

B.C. is obsessed with shoes. She spends all day taking her shoes on and off. Telling people about her shoes. And wearing other people's shoes. Obsessed might be an understatement. 

When I saw these cute little pink boots I couldn't resist! Plus they squeak. And as mentioned before, girl could use some bells on her. 

She thinks the squeaking is hilarious. I love knowing where she is, and if the squeaking stops I know to see what she's getting into (or climbed on). 

There are a ton of other cute options from the same brand, so I'm thinking I might grab another pair for Christmas! I love the patent ones with bows on their toes! 

Speaking of amazing accessories, did you see my gorgeous navy bag?? 

This diaper bag is all sorts of amazing, and I professed my love for it last week on some of our social media accounts. It bears repeating though. It's so versatile and can be worn so many ways. I love how I can be hands free and wear it as a backpack, messenger or as a tote. 

Definitely one of my favorites of all time. AND...stay tuned this weekend on Instagram because a little birdie told me we might have a chance for you to win your own. ;)  

All Thanksgiving cooking aside, this week I actually had time to cook other new meals too. And by cook, I mean break out my favorite crockpot

I few weeks ago, I purchased Mix & Match Mama's Simmers cookbook. I love following along with her on her blog, and when I saw she was doing slow-cooker one I was all in. It's like she was writing just for me! I purchased Carrie Beth and I each a copy because when it comes to cooking (and most things in life) she's my soul sister. 

I gave the Chicken Spaghetti and the Beef Stroganoff  a test run this week and both are winners! So much yum!

 I found both recipes to be super easy and family friendly. Neither took a ton of time or a ton of ingredients. Just how I like it. 

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it's on to all things Christmas! I L-O-V-E being a parent at Christmas. It is just so much fun! 

This weekend I plan to use my two favorite shopping BFFs to knock out a ton of holiday shopping. I used to love hitting the mall first thing on Black Friday, but as I've gotten older I'm less of a mall girl and more of a sit in my pjs and order from the Internet kind of girl. 

My first shopping BFF is Amazon. It's my absolute favorite! If you aren't a prime member than you should be. I can't tell you how many times Amazon has saved me at the last minute. They have everything and it can be delivered straight to your doorstep in two days or less! I know this weekend they are doing a ton of our favorites on major sale. The Amazon Echo is one of our all time favorite gifts that we received, and I'm so excited this weekend it's on sale too. 

My second shopping BFF is Ebates. I use Ebates all year long, but during the holiday season you can find some amazing deals and get tons of cash back all in one spot. Signing up is free and it is totally worth it! You can also partner it with tons of stores - including my first BFF. :) 

Do you have other sites that you love? I'm always looking to add some new ones to my shopping squad. :)

That wraps up my favorites for the week! 

Now off to soak up the last of the holiday break, knock out my holiday shopping, and hit the gym so that maybe I can actually wear pants with a button next week. 

Happy weekend friends!

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  1. That is a serious pile of deliveries! My favorite way to shop too. Love your pantry--looks so organized!


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