Thursday, November 30, 2017

Girls Night at Lady Gaga

We've always been big Lady Gaga fans!  I (Carrie Beth) has seen her perform live twice at the Super Bowls she has performed at...once for the National Anthem and once for the half-time show and both have not disappointed.

She's such a talented artist and an amazing performer! So, just after the Super Bowl last year when she killed it during half-time, tickets for her tour went on sale and we decided that it would be such a fun girls night to see her concert when she came to Atlanta.  I (Jen) coordinated and bought tickets for us and a few friends and then we kind of put it on the back burner.  Fast forward 9 months and the date was finally here!  On Tuesday we met up for what would be super fun girls night out.

We rode together down town and had a less than impressive dinner.  We ate at a really nice restaurant close to the venue and it kept going from bad to worse.  Bad service, took forever to get our food, and little to no compassion for the fact that we were trying to get to an event and had been there with reservations with more than enough time to spare.  However, we enjoyed each other's company and catching up with one another.

After we finally finished up dinner and settled our bill we headed over to the show we were late for only to find out that our tickets wouldn't scan properly to get in the doors.  We were all dumbfounded at this point and thinking no way the night could get worse. However, you hear all kinds of stories about counterfeit tickets and although we bought our tickets directly from Ticket Master, we were so confused as to why they were sending us to the Ticket Office instead of letting us in to our seats.

The gentleman helping us was really nice, but he was making us very nervous.  He was checking our ID's, checking his computer, asking all kinds of questions and getting other employees to assist him.  In the end we found out the section we had purchased our tickets for no longer existed after a recent remodel to the venue so we were being upgraded!!!  We acted like 10 year old girls at that point and started screaming and jumping up and down.  He was such a good sport and snapped a photo with us.

That moment totally turned our night around!  We were so pumped and couldn't wait to see our seats, but once inside we needed a quick picture first!

#HeadsDownEyesUp was the advice of our awesome photographer and fellow Gaga fan.

When we finally got to our seats we couldn't believe how close we were!  We originally had been in the nose-bleed section.  Tickets weren't cheap, but even still we were going to be WAY up there.  This was such a different experience and such a great view.

When Lady Gaga finally came on stage she was amazing.  Her costumes, the dancing, the lights and all the theatrics made for such a great show. Fun old songs were mixed in with the new and it was all so entertaining.  You can tell she has such a loyal fan base and we loved being there being a part of it.

During the night she moved all over the venue to mini-stages all over the floor and giving everyone a great view.  It felt like a very intimate venue, even though there are about 12,000 people there that night.

It was a great night with great friends and reminded us all that it is so important to take time out to spend time with your best girl friends.  We all have kids and have super busy lives and getting away for night on a random Tuesday night takes a lot of preparation and very early wake-up calls the next day, but it was so worth it!

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