Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Back to School with Spirit & Pop

School has been back in session for a few weeks now, and last week was the official start to all of our activities for the year. A few things might shift as the school year goes on, but pretty much it was a first run of our Monday through Friday from now until June. It was such a busy week that I wanted to do a little something fun to celebrate to kick off our weekend.

My kids love the show "Spirit Riding Free" on Netflix. The girls in particular are obsessed with it. If they get a free moment to watch TV, or be on their iPads, their go-to is a little time with Lucky and Spirit. And when they aren't watching they are singing the theme song. It's fun to see them so excited about it. Season 6 just came out on August 17th. We weren't able to watch it when it premiered due to our crazy back-to-school schedule, but I thought creating our own little premier would be fun on Friday evening. 


If you or your children haven't seen the show yet - and you have Netflix - I would put it on your radar. All of my children like it, but the girls slightly more. 

It's a show based on the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. It's set during the 19th century in the small town of Miradero, Texas. A 12-year old girl named Lucky has relocated from the city to the small town, and encounters the wild mustang named Spirit. The horse has been caught by wranglers, and Lucky bonds with the stallion, and eventually frees him when the wranglers were trying to "break" him. Along the way she becomes friends with Pru and Abigail, who both own their own horses, Chica Linda and Boomerang. Each day they embark on new adventures. 

The messaging and theme of the show is so fun and positive. Not to mention, we never seem to get the theme song out of our head. 

(To see other fun clips from "Spirit Riding Free", visit here.)


I couldn't wait for the girls to get home from school so that I could surprise them! While they were gone during the day, I made my way to Walmart to grab all the necessities for our "Spirit Riding Free" viewing party.  There are a ton of great ideas online to host your own "Spirit Riding Free" party. After some brainstorming I decided to keep it easy, and came up with the idea to create a fun popcorn bar to do a little something special, and make it feel like we were at the movies for our girl's night in.

I grabbed a few boxes of our favorite Pop Secret popcorn. With its great butter taste and the new 12 pack family size box available in a variety of inventive flavors, I knew it would be the perfect popcorn to help create the popcorn bar. I had planned on using a variety of flavors, but at the last minute I changed my mind. I decided to stick with the Homestyle option, and then grabbed a few candies and snacks for them to mix in with their popcorn.

Who doesn't love a good salty sweet combo when they are binge watching their favorite show?

When the girls got home from school, and I told them we were having a little mommy and me time watching the latest season of their favorite show, they were beside themselves with excitement. Then they saw the popcorn bar I set up, and the squeals of delight emanating from those tiny little bodies were loud enough they were probably heard in 19th century Texas. 

It looks like I went way over the top on the popcorn bar, and maybe I did a little. But, it was so easy to set up! So easy that everything was ready to go in under five minutes!

I love ideas like this! They look pretty, but don't require a whole lot of effort. The hardest part was not eating all the yummy popcorn and treats before the show started. 

The girls each have unique tastes, so it was fun to see what mixture they each created to put in their popcorn snack bags. And give them a little taste test myself.


Setting up the popcorn bar was super easy! Now that I've put one together, I will definitely be doing it again for another movie night - or even for our next party.

Things You Need
  • 1 12pack of Pop Secret Family Size popcorn (I chose Homestyle because we love its great butter taste, but you can do a variety of flavors or just one.)
  • 5 snacks or candies (I used a variety of candies to make it a salty sweet combo, but the options are endless. You can use pretzels, cheese crackers, cereal, etc.)
  • 1 large bowl
  • 5 smaller bowls
  • 1-2 small scoops or spoons
  • Small bowls or baggies
  • Napkins
  • Optional: Decor (I found all "Spirit Riding Free" items and hay at Walmart when I purchased my popcorn and candies.)

What To Do
  1. Lay out large bowl with small bowls around it.
  2. Pop popcorn according to instructions. 
  3. While popcorn is popping, place candies/snacks in smaller bowls. 
  4. Let popcorn cool. 
  5. Serve and enjoy the show! 

The girls loved watching the new season of "Spirit Riding Free" in such a special way. Normally I don't go so over the top, but it was fun giving them a little extra treat for something they were so excited about!

We made it through three of the new episodes on Friday, and it's already looking like this season is just as adorable as the previous seasons. I promised them after dance today they could watch another one - popcorn included of course!

Do your little ones have a show they love and get so excited about? Each one of mine has been into a different one at this age. It's fun to hear what excites other, and what might be a fun new one for us to add to the mix! 

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