Monday, August 13, 2018

Taylor Swift Reputation Tour

About 9 months ago we learned that Taylor Swift would be coming to Atlanta as part of our Reputation Tour and we knew we had to go!  There was a pre-sale process where fans could gain early access for doing things like watching her videos, buying merchandise, sharing via social media and a ton of other things.  I spent what felt like weeks doing everything we could to get us early access and when the day finally came to purchase tickets my hands were literally shaking.  I was on the phone with Jen the entire time and as soon as I had confirmation of the tickets I was SO excited and relieved. I gave the tickets and shirts to my girls as Christmas gifts and they were beyond thrilled!

Their first concert was the Taylor Swift concert a few years ago and we had so much fun so they couldn't wait to go back.  Because the concert wasn't until August it felt like forever to wait, but it was the perfect thing to look forward to right after school starting.

Jen booked us a room at the Omni Hotel downtown so we could walk over to the stadium before and after the show and not have to deal with all of the traffic since we knew it would be a late night.

Our room had an amazing view of Mercedes-Benz stadium and it was fun to watch all the people walking around downtown all dressed up. 

We all got ready while sipping on Champagne for the over 21 crowd and sparkling juice for the younger ones.  Nothing like a little multi-tasking. 

Part of getting ready included our RED lips!!!  Because it was a special occasion we went all out! 

I had an extra ticket so my mom was able to come with us for the night!

We walked over to the stadium and the excitement all around us was contagious.

After getting into the stadium and grabbing tour t-shirts, Little Cute needed to reapply!  She was all about the red lips and so pumped for her first concert! 

We entertained ourselves by taking pictures while we waited for the show to start. 

The opening acts were Charlie XCX and Camilla Cabello. Both were so fun and got the crowd up, dancing and excited. 

When Taylor came on stage the place went wild! People screaming, singing, dancing, and having so much fun. 

One thing we all loved were the light-up bracelets.  They are synchronized to the music and light up all different colors at all different times. It makes the stadium look so cool!

We sang and danced our little hearts out all night long. Taylor sang a ton of her new songs from the Reputation album, but also mixed in some of her older songs, too. 

The lights, the dancing, the costumes, the production...all of it was AMAZING!  She is such a performer and put on such a great show. 

She also moves around a bunch. We had thought about getting seats on the floor, but decided against it because we weren't sure the girls would be able to see as well. We ended up in the lower level which was great. We had a good view of the main stage and also we were right in front of one of the side stages that she performs a few songs on. Plus, with the huge screens that are all around the top of the stadium you could see everything perfectly no matter where you were sitting. 

Thank you Taylor Swift for such a fun night. We had a blast and can't wait for you to come back to Atlanta!!!!  

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