Monday, August 20, 2018

Parents Escape: Key West

I love my kids. I do. I really really really do. And I have no problem taking them anywhere in the world. They've accompanied us on many an adventure, and have put quite a few stamps in their own passports. But sometimes it's amazing (read: incredibly awesome) to just take an adult only trip. Even better if you can sneak more than one night in. 

We did this last year for the first time in forever, and we became official converts. After last year's trip to Islamorada, we decided we needed to take an adult vacation at least one a year. 

This year marked our ten year anniversary. We had plans to do a huge trip somewhere, but then life occurred and it got put on the back burner. Somewhere in June we decided to just book something. We looked at our calendars and Mr. Cute could only do random days here and there until the end of the year. We somehow pieced together six days, and booked the first thing that came to mind - Key West. It's a quick flight from Atlanta, I had never been, and it hit all the marks (ie. tropical, things to do, and good restaurants).  Carrie Beth goes to Key West every year so I knew it would be a good time - and it so was! I already am looking forward to going back one day! 

Day 1 

| blue gingham top |

Peace out kids! Parents only vacay starts now! 

The flight from Atlanta to Key West is just over an hour. So quick! And if you've ever been to the Atlanta airport before, you appreciate small airports and the fact that you can be through baggage claim and to the taxi stand in under ten minutes from de-boarding. 

We stayed at the Casa Marina Resort in Key West. This is a historic hotel built in the 1920's and holds the only private beach on Key West. The grounds, pool area, and beach are gorgeous. 

We had an oceanview room on the top floor, and it was a typical room. Nothing overly fancy, and the accommodations were similar to most standard hotel rooms. 

But the view from our balcony was beautiful! 

Our flight arrived right at lunchtime. So after we checked in we headed out to grab some lunch and do some exploring. A few blocks from the hotel was the Southernmost Beach Cafe, and it didn't look too crowded so we gave it a go. 

We loved the open air feel, and the drink and food options didn't disappoint. 

Once we finished we made our way back to the hotel to kick off our week of vacationing adult style. 

This little spot beachside did us just fine. 

And so did a good book and a yummy cocktail. Our friend Hall has to travel to Key West frequently for work, and suggested we order the off the menu cocktail, Orange Crush. It didn't disappoint, but maybe order a water with it too. ;) 

| woodgrain sunglasses | gold aviator sunglasses | black one shoulder swimsuit | gold earrings |
After a good bit of living our best beach life we showered and made our way to dinner. 

Someone gave us a recommendation for Hogfish Bar & Grill. It's located on Stock Island, which was about a 15 minute Uber ride from the hotel. It's located in kind of a remote area, but oh so worth it. 

Not to mention, highly entertaining. 

| romper |

Not only did Hogfish have the yummiest food, the drinks were my favorite out of the entire trip! 

(P.S. Hi Wyoming!)

The restaurant is located right off the shrimp docks in downtown Stock Island, so after dinner we decided to walk around a bit. Before headed back to the hotel. It was a fun little walk, with great views and so many friendly people who live on their boats year round. 

After our walk we headed back to the hotel and we weren't quite ready to go to bed just yet, so we parked ourselves back in our previous oceanside spot from earlier in the day and soaked in the sunset.  It was a great way to end our first day!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more from the trip! 

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