Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Happy Haunted Halloween Porch

Halloween is a few weeks away. (Okay. Okay. So October itself is a few weeks away.) But, the kids are just SO excited about Halloween this year that I couldn't resist starting the decorating process. It also didn't help that the kids found a massive order from Oriental Trading with some new fun skeletons to decorate with. It was either go ahead and put everything out or fear (further?) decapitation of all the new spooky decor.

Aside from a few fall touches on the inside, I decided to concentrate most of my decorating efforts on on our front porch. With so many young children in our neighborhood, Halloween tends to be huge. Many of our neighbors even transform their homes into complete haunted houses for Halloween night. 

We have a few standard posable skeletons that I pull out each year, but when I saw this Spooky Male Dress-Up Skeleton I couldn't resist adding him to the mix. 

He's just the right mix of spooky and fun, but not so over the top to scare our youngest trick-or-treaters. 

I kept the skeleton theme up throughout the porch, but in small subtle touches. I ordered a few of these small skeleton skulls to place throughout both our interior and exterior decor.   

And put out a bowl of these stretchy skeletons for any visitors as well as trick-or-treaters that come to our doorstep next month. Already these have been a huge hit amongst all the kids. However, I keep finding them in the most random places around our home. (I'm looking at you P and your placement on the hydrangeas, in my bed and inside the mailbox.)

I mixed in some new lanterns with my old ones, and exchanged my regular door mat for this super cute bat door mat.

I already owned the black buffalo check door mat and buffalo check pillow covers. I loved getting to use them utilize them for a different season. Both are pretty inexpensive and I can't tell you how many different seasons they've been pulled out for in the past few years. I love using them with pops of red for the holidays. 

Oriental Trading has a ton of inexpensive Halloween themed pillows to mix in with them. I opted for this Gothic Pillow Set

I just loved the fun little tassels hanging off each corner. 

I added in a few smaller details to try to add to the "haunted" feel of the porch. But nothing that would be overly scary for small kids. I have a box full of old books I like to pull from when needed and thought they would be perfect for this. 

Then I sprinkled these small feathered bats to the lanterns and some other decor. I thought they tied into the feathered wreath I have hanging on the door nicely. 

I have a few more details to add as we get closer to Halloween, but putting my Halloween decor efforts on hold so that my neighbors don't think I'm totally crazy (or crazier?).  But seeing the kids excited faces so far, I don't mind jumping on the Halloween train a little early this year. 

Oriental Trading is one of our go-to places when it comes to holiday and seasonal decor. Their skeletons, and a lot of their Halloween decor, are currently on major sale if you are looking to add a little extra spook to your haunted house. 

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Thank you to Oriental Trading for sponsoring this post as part of their Skeleton Squad promotion. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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