Friday, September 6, 2019

Home Sweet Home Tour {Entry and Office}

It's time for another Home Sweet Home Tour post today!  I'm loving this series and y'all are, too!  In case you missed the first two posts I've linked them below:

I decided to start from the front door and kind of take you through the house that way.  I consider all of you friends and when my friends come over they almost always enter through the front doors so it just made sense. Today is all about our entryway/foyer and office. 

Because we were starting with an existing house and footprint there were some things with the layout that ended up being a certain way and we just had to deal with it.  The foyer was one of those things.  It was kind of a larger than I had originally wanted and I wasn't sure how we would set up the space, but now I love having the big open feel when we walk in.  

I wanted to do something really cool with the ceiling in this space and we saw a smilier idea of the trim work in a model house. I loved it so we took a picture and had our trim guys recreate it here. I love that it adds some interest to the space.  We also decided to paint all of our interior doors a darker color so we had the tongue and groove painted the same color. 

 That door on the right leads to a small powder room that we almost didn't put in because we have another 1/2 bath on the first floor and were using existing plumbing for.  Adding a second one seemed kind of excessive, but I am SO happy we added it. I'm telling you, when we are ready to leave the house and all 3 kids need to go potty it is great to have two downstairs and also because this one is right by the front door it is great when kids are outside playing and just need to run in really quick.  

 Lanterns//Rug (similar)
Wall Color - SW Silver Strand 
Trim Color - SW Canvas Tan 
Door Color - SW Backdrop 

Notice our pup, Walker, in the above picture. He can be found in this spot 99% of the time looking out the window to see what's going on outside. :-) 

Looking at the other side of the foyer from the front door there are a set of doors that lead to our home office. 

That antique washstand belonged to my Great Grandmother!  I have had it since I was married and painted it a few years ago (see the post HERE)  to move to this space. It holds all of my kids tests, papers, etc. for the school year and just sort of serves as a spot for me to house it and get it off of the counters until I can sort and file it. I still have last year's stuff in there so I need to go through it!  The monogram canvas was also an easy DIY (see that post HERE).   

This room is what the Mr. uses as his office at home.  When he is in there trying to get anything done he appreciates the doors being able to close. The office in our hold house didn't have doors and it was always something we knew we would add when we built a home. 

It's kind of a hodge-podge of things we had in different parts of our house before moving here and just kind of threw together to make it work.  

Desk//Chandelier//Rug (similar) 

He keeps all our UGA memorabilia and other things like that in this room! 

I love the vaulted ceilings in here and we added the beams at the last minute and painted them to match the interior doors.  That red chair was my grandmother's and I had it reupholstered in college and have just always found a spot for it in our home. The Mr. would like to get some leather chairs for the office so I might have to find a new spot for my red chair, but for now it lives in here!  

I found a great deal on the chandelier at the Ballard Designs Outlet.  Such a good deal that I actually bought two of them and we have the other one hanging in our dining room! 

That's it for the entryway and office!  Stay tuned for next week...I think I'm going to share our mudroom and my little command center desk area which is how we enter and what you'd see if you come in from the garage! 

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