Friday, August 23, 2019

Home Sweet Home Tour {The Building Process}

I love getting a peek inside other people's homes and figured I couldn't be alone.  Whether it be home tours on blogs, walking through model homes, or even just looking around when I visit someone else's home, I love it all.  I decided to start a little home tour series on the blog to share all about our home sweet home.  Each week I plan to share a different room or part of the house with all of you!  

First things first though, I thought I needed to start at the beginning.  Those of you that have been around here and reading our blog for a while might know the story behind how our house came to be, but a lot of you are new or just don't know so I thought I would share some history.  About six years ago my husband and I sold the house we called home.  It was an emotional move for me because it was the house my 3 kids were babies in and the one we had so many wonderful memories in.  However, we wanted a better long-term school solution for our family so we bought a house in a nearby area that was in a top-notch school district.  We bought the house for it's amazing location and the beautiful lot that it sits on, not for the actual house itself. 

The Mr. had an amazing vision and I'm so happy I trusted him because I'll be honest, the first time we pulled up and I saw the house I was a hard NO. 

The house itself was a 3 bedroom ranch that was built in 1966 and the original owner still lived there when we purchased it.  It was outdated, almost everything was original, and it felt like living in a forest.  

The house was totally surrounded by much so that you couldn't even see it from the street! This picture shows the house looking down from the driveway.  What house you say?  Exactly!  You couldn't see it at all!!!  

Before we closed we spent months working with an architect to draft the house plans that the Mr. had drawn.  Our original plan was to add a garage, a second story and just renovate. 

Like all house projects, they just seem to morph and grow and unexpected twists happen.  One thing led to another and for various reasons this remodel turned into more of a rebuild. At one point we pulled in the driveway and all we saw was the brick fireplace that I had wanted to salvage.  Needless to say, I was stressed out, worried we had made the right decision, and wondering when in the world we would be in our house.  

We thought it would take about 5 months and it ended up being 10 months. We lived with my amazing in-laws during the process and I visited the house pretty much everyday after school with the kids. It became a playground of sorts for them, but they loved getting to see our house go up before their very eyes!  

There is so much that goes into building a home or doing a major renovation, but in the end it was worth it. We knew this would be our forever house and the one our kids will grow up and make most of their childhood memories in so I kept reminding myself of that during the process. 

We've now been in our house for just over 5 years and are still SO happy with our decision.   I know all of the stress, heart-ache and sacrifices we dealt with during the building was worth it in the end!  

Next week I'll be sharing my tips/suggestions if you are building a home or doing a renovation/remodel project. I hope you'll stick around each week to see more!  

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