Monday, August 12, 2019

Quick Boys Room Update

Years ago when I found out I was pregnant with my first I enlisted Carrie Beth's help to create my dream nursery. The minute I found out we were having a boy we planned, toured multiple fabric stores, and searched every boutique in the metro Atlanta area for the perfect art work. I wanted to create a room that would transition well from baby to toddler to little boy.

Because of that vision nine years ago, I've had to do very little here and there to update it. Obviously we've converted his crib to a bed and updated his bedding. But other than the occasional accessory or picture frame, the room is mostly the same.

To this day I still love every aspect of Cute's room, but I knew it was time to do a little cosmetic tweak. The light touches of puppy nursery theme I had been hanging onto needed to be transitioned out. After chatting with Cute, we decided to go with a sports theme.

Totally shocking for an almost nine year old boy, right?


Fortunately we have a ton of storage space in Cute's room due to the built-ins we put around his window. However, when thinking of what I wanted to do to update his room, I thought it would be fun to put a little shelf over his bed with some artwork. 

The Magnolia Men are quite handy when it comes to power tools, so I told the hubby to come up with a basic floating shelf plan and with in an hour we had everything cut, painted, and hung.

Materials Used:


  1. Cut your board to size. (We cut ours to approximately 4 1/2 feet.) 
  2. Use a hammer to distress the board (hit it with both ends). 
  3. Paint all sides of the board, and the brackets. 
  4. Once the paint is dry, use the sandpaper to smooth all edges and corners. 
  5. Using the same sandpaper gently go over the entire board. Utilize more pressure in certain areas than others to get give the board that more weather distressed look.
  6. Hang and secure with angle brackets.  

And done! Again, the whole project took less than an hour, and was extremely budget friendly! Love when projects are this quick and easy!


Sadly, the puppy pictures that I have adored from the moment I laid eyes on them needed to find a new home. Cute is huge into sports, and while I wanted to do a sports themed room, I wanted to lean more towards a vintage feel rather than a sports locker room feel.

The minute I spotted these vintage sports prints, I knew we found a winner. 

Bonus points for the fact that you can order them custom framed (including glass type and mat!) from FramedArt. I purchased the vintage baseball print and the vintage soccer print. Both I framed in the Slim Solid Pecan Brown Frames with woven white mats and the standard acrylic plexiglass.


I placed the frames on his little shelf. Then I added a wire basket I found at Michael's to put all his game balls in as well as a few of his trophies.

I might add a photo or two of him in his team uniform, but for now I love that we've given his room this update and it was just as simple and easy as could be.

| Brown Bedding | Gingham Sheets | Vintage Sports Prints | Throw pillows (custom) |

What theme have your kids chosen for their rooms? 

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