Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Percy Jackson: Final Review

It is so funny to us what kids latch on to. When we were asked to read and review the Percy Jackson book series we had no idea just how into the series our kids would get. From the moment they read The Lightning Thief they were all in.

We spent the Summer reading and listening to the entire series. We hosted a Percy Jackson themed pool party to celebrate the kids enthusiasm for the series. We've watched the movies. We've even done some extended reading about Greek gods and mythology.

And if I'm being honest, I really loved the series too. It was entertaining - especially when listening to it! It's probably one of the best Audible reads I've listened to. 

My son loved the book series so much that he is now reading the Apollo series by Rick Riordan. There seems to be some cross over from the characters of the Percy Jackson series, and it is just as jam packed with adventure. I love that this series has made him so excited (even though I now know more about Greek mythology than I ever cared to). 

Head over to Savvy Sassy Moms to see our final thoughts on the Percy Jackson series, and check out a few fun ways that you can extend your reading by taking part in your own Percy Jackson style quests. 

Is there a book series that your kids' have really gotten into? Now that we've finished this one we are looking to see what would be a good idea for them to read next! 

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