Friday, June 14, 2019

Summer Reading List: Percy Jackson & The Olympians

In our monthly Book Club we chat about how much we love reading, but our kids...not so much. Sometimes if they find a book or a series that they love they will be into it, but most times they aren't.  Which is crazy to us because it's one of our favorite ways to relax or pass time. I mean, we understand reading has to compete with watching Ninja on YouTube or Ryan open yet another toy, but we still would love for them to sit down to read without having to be bribed. 

Last year we shared a list of suggestions on books to keep boys interested in reading.  The suggestions people sent us were super helpful, and in all honesty helped us get through our school year reading. But now it's Summer and we know our reading game has to be upped a little bit. We made it our goal to find a book (or book series) that would excite all of our elementary and middle schoolers. 

We were approached about reading the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, and thought it might actually do the trick. We read the storyline and realized it would be a series that would interest all of our young readers. 

We started reading first book in the series,  The Lightning Thief, a few weeks ago to kick off Summer, and they have loved it! Some of younger ones are listening to it on Audible (which if you haven't downloaded for kids yet - do so! The first two listens are free!), some are reading the books to us, and some are reading on their own.  All of them agree - it's a great book! 

We're chatting more about this and our plans for Summer Reading with the kids on Savvy Sassy Moms. We're also helping them give away one whole set to anyone who wants read along with us this summer. Pop over to check out the post and the details on how you can enter to win. 

What tops your kid's reading list this Summer? 

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