Friday, June 28, 2019

Fun Pool Floats for the Whole Family

Happy Friday Friends! This week we are going to change things up a bit for Friday Favorites. We've both been out of town (Carrie Beth just got back from her vacation to Lake Keowee), and were laughing about all the things we have to pack. It's like we are packing our entire house! 

We were both on water based vacations, and since we live at the pool more than half the year, the kids wouldn't let us leave with out their favorite floats. No matter how big they are. Nothing says tropical vacation like an oversized floating pizza.

So we packed all the inflatable things. And our trusty air pumps

We all have a blast on them, and some of them are quite humorous and make for great photo opps. Nothing gives the kids more giggles than Grandpa Magnolia sitting in our giant sparkly tropical llama. 

Here is a look at all of our favorite pool floats! 


This oversized watermelon slice float was a huge hit last year and is still making its fruity appearance to the pool this year!  For less than $20 and it's ability to last two seasons - this is one that tops our favorite list! 

large watermelon float

This pineapple float has seen everything from the pool to the beach to being used as a party photo prop. We've had it a few seasons and it's still going strong! 

Here are some of our other favorite fruity floatable finds...


Who doesn't love a good treat? Even better - one that can be enjoyed in the pool! From ice cream floats to floating rosé bottles - there's a little something for everyone! Give us all the floating treats! 

This popsicle float has been a huge hit with the kids. It's just their size and not so big so that the smaller kids can get on it with out assistance. 

Here are some of our other favorite floating treats...

(and now we're hungry and need a cocktail)

WILD ANIMALS (other than our kids)

Our own little animals seem to like to float with some of their own kind. From sparkly rainbow unicorns to baby sharks (do do do... Sorry. Couldn't resist) and everything in between these are some of the most fun pool floats we've had. Usually because they are larger and multiple people can fit on them. 

We purchased this giant pegasus float for a party and this week it made it to the beach with us. Our kids for some reason only like it to have one wing blown up. My best guess is so that they can jump off of it easier. 

It's been a blast to have and satisfies Cute who wasn't all that into riding on a large unicorn. 

Meet Pinky. Pinky has been around for years. She's survived multiple trips to the lake, pool, and beach. She's taken abuse like no other pool float, but just keeps on flamingling. It will be a sad sad day if Pinky ever has to go to float heaven. 

Pinky was purchased at Target a few years ago, but this year they updated her to a Rose Gold version

Here are a few more wild favorites...


Okay this might be the category that excites the dad's in our crew the most. But the kids think it is hilarious. This year there seem to be a ton of competition style floats. Our kids have been begging for this one...

For less than $20, it's more than worth the entertainment. 

Here are some other fun ones we've seen for a little friendly pool competition. The log one has to be our favorite! 

Do you have a favorite pool float? Or one that your kids love? Share with us because we are always looking to add to our floating arsenal of fun! 

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