Monday, September 23, 2019

Teamwork Jewelry Collection by InspireDesigns {Giveaway!}

Happy Monday!  Our kids are on fall break this week so it's a great Monday for us. No early alarms for the entire week and we're going to sneak in a little trip to the beach!  We're especially excited about this Monday because we are teaming up with InspireDesigns again with a big discount code AND a giveaway!!!!  Our sweet friends are offering a 25% off discount for all of our awesome readers.  Use code MAGNOLIA25 to receive 25% off! 

Victory Choker/Bracelet//Leather Cuff 

If you aren't familiar with InspireDesigns, be sure to check out our post HERE to learn why we love this amazing LOCAL and woman run company.  

When we saw their new Teamwork collection we immediately fell in love.  

It's SO good and y'all know how we love to accessories to support our hometown teams. 

We also loved how so many of the pieces we already loved and owned now come in a variety of colors so you can support any team your heart desires. 

Lariat Necklace//Victory Choker 

We both own and adore their Sweet Dreams necklace in white. This is probably the piece of jewelry I (Carrie Beth) wear most of all. I love how it can be worn different ways to create different looks. When I saw that they were making it in different colors I knew I had to have the red!  

Sweet Dreams Necklace//Halftime Earrings 

A lot of the pieces in this collection can be hand-stamped to be personalized for any team or occasion.  

Stamped leather cuff

Once we started thinking outside of the box the possibilities were endless.  You can get your favorite football team, your kids' team names, initials, or really anything!  These are so perfect for baseball moms, soccer moms, cheer moms, and for tween/teen girls who love personalized things! 

Spirit Stamped Necklace 
We love that so many of their pieces can be mix and matched to be layered and stacked together.  

One of the things we love most of all is that so many of the pieces can be worn different ways.  It can be a choker, a necklace or wrapped a few times to be worn as a bracelet. 

Quest Necklace/Bracelet 

We feel like these would be GREAT gifts!  Think team mom gifts, gifts for your girlfriends, for your sister who might be an awesome soccer mom, and for your daughter's who are totally obsessed with their team.  

Quest Necklace/Bracelet//Stretch Bracelet//Victory Choker/Bracelet 

With our discount these are under $20 so these would be fabulous for pretty much any lady in your life. Jen and I both got them with our son's names and jersey numbers!  

Quest Necklace/Bracelet//Victory Choker/Bracelet //Leopard Watch Band

We are so excited to partner with InspireDesigns to giveaway not one, but two items from their Teamwork collection!  The winner will receive a Sweet Dreams necklace and a Quest Necklace/Bracelet in the colors of your choice.  the Quest necklace/bracelet will be hand-stamped and personalized however you like.  To enter comment below with your favorite team and head to Instagram for additional entries!  

  Don't forget to use code MAGNOLIA25 to receive 25% off! 

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