Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Our Elementary & Middle Grades Students Favorite Books

Reading is always important to us, and an activity we try to encourage our kids to do. We have all different levels of readers, and all different types of readers. Some prefer a quick and easy book, some prefer a more in depth chapter book, and some want to skip the reading and go straight to the Audible version. Either way we feel reading - no matter how you are doing it - is super important.

Now that we all find ourselves home a little more than normal (Okay, a lot more than normal. Thanks pandemic of 2020.), we've had way more downtime as a family to read. We know a lot of friends struggling to find things for their kids to read right now, so we asked our kids what their favorite books are.

Some of their choices we weren't shocked by, and some we were surprised about. Here are their current book recommendations.


  • Graphic Novels - Several of our kids went on a graphic novel kick for a while. Topping the list are the Dogman Series, Captain Underpants Series, and Babysitter's Club Series
  • Dragon Book Series - Written by the infamous author of the Captain Underpants Series, these Acorn books are excellent for early elementary school readers. They have short, quick chapters, colorful pictures, and that silly humor Pilkey is known for. 
  • Unicorn & Yeti Series -  Another Acorn chapter book series. Super fun, with short chapters designed for early elementary school readers. 
  • Princess in Black Series - Cross a princess with a super hero and you get Princess in Black. This is a new favorite we received at Christmas, but perfect for those who are just getting into chapter books. 

  • Notebook of Doom Series - A cute, fun not-so-horror story series for kids. Lots of pictures and easy chapters that make it fun for kids. Our kids have loved these. (Bonus: It has no potty talk!)
  • Ball Park Mysteries Series - If you have a sports loving little one these Ball Park Mysteries are perfect. Both our boys love these. Each story takes place in a famous ball park in the United States. 

Upper Elementary School Reading
  • Harry Potter Series - This is a no brainer classic that almost every child loves. We've been reading them and then watching the movie after. We also love this illustrated version that has pictures that kids can use to enjoy and aid their imagination. 
  • Wonder - A story of a special child and kindness! It was made into a movie, but read the book first. Definitely a story everyone should put on their list. 
  • Because of Mr. Terupt - This follows a group of students thrown together in a fifth grade class with a new teacher who teaches lessons just beyond the typical classroom subjects. The sequels  (Mr. Terupt Falls Again and Saving Mr. Terupt) are also great too! 
  • The One and Only Ivan - Told from the point of view of Ivan, a gorilla living in captivity in a mall for 27 years. Such a heart warming story and it was made into a movie! The sequel, The One and Only Bob, comes out in May! 


  • When - This story tops our Middle Schooler's list. It follows a young girl who has the unique ability to see people's death date on their forehead. The talent throws her into a police investigation in this fast paced read. 
  • 5 Feet Apart - For fans of The Fault in Our Stars. This heartwarming story follows two terminally ill teens who become friends, and have one wish - to be together. 
  • The Sun is Also a Star - Two teens on very different paths run into each other in NYC. Scientifically it makes no sense why they would fall in love - but some would say it was written in the stars. Such a beautiful book and it has a movie follow up for more entertainment. 
  • A Dog's Purpose - A heartwarming story about a dog's perspective on his humans. Another great one where a movie is available after the read. 
  • Percy Jackson Series - We read/listened to this series over the course of last Summer. It mixes humor, Greek Mythology, and action. Our kids loved it! (see review link below)
  • Artemis Fowl Series - Another great series to read now before the movie comes out in a few months. This one is action packed from start to finish.  A 12 year old millionaire super genius that just happens to be a criminal mastermind - what's not to love when you're in middle school? 


Here are a few posts from the past where we chatted about kids' book suggestions. We thought these might be helpful, or give you fun activities to help extend the reading.   


Here are a few other fun kid's reading sources that we have found that are a huge help in encouraging reading lately or are great places to get free or online books that your little ones can enjoy. 
  • Audible Kids- Amazon announced that Audible is doing a selection of free online audio books for the duration of everyone's quarantine. They work on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Open Library - A free online library of digital and audio books. You check out books and return them just like you do at your local library. 
  • Over Drive - Another free online library. 
  • Storyline - Books read to kids online by celebrities (our kids love this!). 

What are some of your kids favorite books? We would love to add some to our list! 

Also, if you know of any other great resources we should add to our list let us know. 

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