Friday, August 14, 2020

Amazon Lately: July and August

I have been loving the Amazon Lately posts each month and July sort of got away from me so I decided to combine July with the beginning of August for today's post.  Some of the things in my orders this past month were simply too boring to share like a new grill brush the Mr. ordered or a replacement air mattress for our hanging bed on the porch.  However, I did have some really great items this month so I decided those would be more fun to share! 

1. Glow in the dark dip nail set - I shared about these on stories after we first got it, but I am literally obsessed!!!  Since quarantining started I have been doing my own DIY Dip Manicures at home.  You can read all about it HERE. The girls wanted some fun new colors for summer so I let them pick out a set and they chose this glow in the dark set. Y'all!!!  I am just like a little kid because every night when I get in bed I can't stop staring at my nails glowing.  It's also fun when I'm putting my son to bed because he gets a kick out of them glowing! 

2. Dip manicure polishes - In order to do a dip manicure you need 3 different polishes (a base, an activator and the special top coat). The original set I bought came with the polishes, but they were running low and I needed some more and ordered this set.  So far it's worked great for me! 

3. 100 pack of stickers - Our county is starting school next week 100% virtual and none of us are very happy about it.  However, we are trying to make the most of it so to get the kids excited I let them decorate their laptops with stickers.  This pack was 100 stickers for $4.99 and some of them are really cute! These stickers are waterproof so they are also great for decorating their water bottles.  

4. Facemasks - A friend told me about this brand of facemarks that her kids liked so I ordered a few for my son.  He loves them because they are really soft and the ear loops are comfortable and adjustable.  They come in a TON of cute prints so I'm tempted to get some for the girls too...especially if we end up heading back to school anytime soon. 

5. Pitching trainer baseball - My son has this and loves it so we bought one for his friend's birthday gift who is also starting kid-pitch baseball. It shows them how and where to grab the ball for different types of pitches. 

6. Pitching speed sensor ball - My son also has had fun with it so we ordered this to go with the same birthday gift mentioned above.  It is a baseball that you can pitch and it tells you how fast you are pitching. I'm not sure that it is 100% accurate, but it is still fun for him to use with friends. 

7. Silver Dollar sneakers - These sneakers from Amazon are a great Golden Goose dupe. They are made with real leather, are perfectly distressed and are much cheaper.  They come in a bunch of different colors and I was trying to decide between the blush and these with the gold accent, but love the ones I got!  I know I will wear them a bunch this fall and winter. 

8. Drawer organizer - I have a super shallow drawer in my bathroom that for 6 years has been unorganized and I decided this week to do something about it. I searched and found this two-pack that seems like it will fit and work great to keep all of my make up and other things like that organized. It is set to arrive today so I'll keep y'all posted! 

9. Urgent repair shampoo - My hairdresser suggested this to me several years ago for dealing with my daughter's super blonde hair.  Swimming in some of our friend's pools makes her hair turn green and dry from all the chemicals.  She uses this after swimming and we've found it really does help.  We were all out so I was happy to find it on Amazon!  

10. Flashcards - My son is starting 3rd grade...the year to learn multiplication facts!  I already started working with him a little in the spring and over the summer to learn some of his facts with a set we had. His teacher also recommended a pack of division flashcards for their virtual learning. 

11. Mascara - Someone told me about this amazing mascara available on Amazon. It has over 7,000 5 star reviews so I decided to give it a try.  It's only $5 and SO good!!!  I've been wearing it all summer and also have the waterproof version that I wear when we are going to the lake or the pool. 

The very last thing I ordered on Amazon was THIS for my son.  His teacher said they needed it for a book study so Amazon to the rescue!  

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