Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!  I hope you have all had a great week. My PTA responsibilities have kept me super busy this week as we prepare for back-to-school. Even though our county is starting digitally, there is still a lot of behind the scenes work being done so it made my week seem to fly by! I wanted to share some of my Friday Favorites with all of you as we head into the weekend. :-) 

Speaking of back to school, back to school shopping is something my kids and I look forward to every  single year! 

It usually helps get them excited about going back to school and even though we are starting online, our schools still had a list of supplies that the kids would need.  Back to school shopping just looked a little different this year and kind of made me sad. 

Last Friday night we started our supper club back up for the first time since quarantine began and it felt SO good to have some adult only plans.  It's been a lot of together time with the kids over the past 5 months. I loved getting dressed up, having dinner with friends, and enjoying each other's company!  

dress//earrings//bracelets//bag (similar) 

It didn't matter that we were just at someone's house, it was the perfect night!  I wore this new rainbow dress and it just made me so happy! 

A little known fact about me is that I have always wanted to open a shaved ice/snow cone stand.  I remember going to one as a kid on summer evenings and it is one of my favorite summer treats.  

There hasn't been one near us...until just recently!  I took the kids HERE a few weeks ago and then we went back again last weekend and took our dog, Walker, for a Pup Cone!  

He was more distracted by all of the people and new smells to care too much about it at first, but he did end up eating most of his peanut butter flavored treat. 

We've thought about buying a machine to have at home and I'm tempted to pull the trigger after reading all the great reviews for this one!! 

I shared about our Keeping Room HERE a while back, but we recently took the TV down from over the fire place and moved it to the basement. We were debating putting another TV back up there, but ultimately I decided not to.  I knew I wanted some sort of mirror, but bought and returned a bunch of them until I found the right one.  

This is from Target and I loved the shape and size of it!  I found the shutters from And That and everything else is just stuff I already owned.  

Last but not least are my beautiful hydrangea plants!!!  I'm so proud of myself for keeping them alive (I don't have the best record with plants) and I just love enjoying all of the blooms each day.  As you can see, Walker enjoys them, too! 

I'm in awe of how there are so many different colors on each plant.  My plan is to plant these somewhere in our yard this fall so I can continue to enjoy them year after year! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend and we will see you back here next week! 

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