Monday, August 31, 2020

Mini Fall Porch Refresh


We know it's August and still 110 degrees out, but we officially have Fall on the brain! Fall looks a little different this year in terms of football, holidays, etc. But we are making the most of it and have decided to concentrate on celebrating even the littlest of joys. Because joy is joy and right now we need more of that in the world. 

What brings us a small joy? 

Fall decorating! 

Even more joy? 

Fall decorating for someone else who deserves it! We decided to spread a little cheer and surprise a teacher friend with a little Fall front porch refresh. Because if there is anyone in the world right now who deserves a little surprise in their life - it's a teacher! 

We had the best time putting this little project together, and found some fun Fall decor in the least likeliest of places - Lowe's! Not sure why we never think of Lowe's for decor, but they had a great selection and most of it under $50! 

We found some great items! Tons of fun things that match her current porch decor and furniture so it was easy to seamlessly add them in. Here is a little peek at how the project turned out and links to all of the items! 

| Buffalo check pillow covers | Lantern | Checked mini pumpkins | White Reusable Pumpkin

| Pumpkin Door Mat | Buffalo Check Rug (in store only, similar linked) | 

Other items not used, but we loved!
- Gingham Check Pumpkins multi-sizes (in store only, similar linked here)

Are you excited about Fall? When do you start decorating for all the Fall things? If you could surprise someone with a Fall porch refresh, who would it be? 

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