Friday, September 18, 2020

Amazon Fall Finds

 It's Fall Y'all!!!!  I love this time of year and always get so excited when the weather starts to turn a little bit cooler. That happened for us here in Atlanta earlier this week and I immediately put on a sweatshirt and started to decorate for Halloween!  

I love decorating for holidays and I feel like Halloween kicks things off. It's so fun to pull out my holiday decorations and find spots for everything, but each year I like to add one or two new things.  I jumped on Amazon and found SO many cute things. I love orange and black for some spots in my home because it just feels like Halloween, but I also love non-traditional colors for fall like these beautiful ones I found on Amazon. It's easier to mix with decor you already have in your home and if you are one of those people who like to celebrate one holiday at a time, these types of items can last longer and take you through Thanksgiving.  

Everything is linked below! Left ---> Right & Top ---> Bottom. 

Set of 4 Fall Pillow Covers (18.99) - These are SO beautiful and would work through Thanksgiving. 

Happy Fall Canvas Banner ($12.99) - This is another item that could take you from September through November since it is so neutral. 

Rustic Pumpkin Painting ($75.00) - I realize this is pricy, but it matched so well and is so pretty. 

Fall Wreath ($51.84) - This is a bit pricy, too.  However I feel like this would be beautiful hanging on a front porch or even somewhere indoors. I put wreaths everywhere! 

Gather Wooden Sign  ($33.89) - This is really one of those things that could be used year round. Jen has something similar in her dining room and it looks SO good. 

Pumpkin Spice Candle   ($24.00) - I love candles this time of year. There is just something so cozy feeling about a lit candle and a house that smells like pumpkin! 

Wood Bead Garland ($13.00) - Another one of those things that you can use year round.  These are a GREAT price because you will find similar items in home decor boutiques for much more.  Or if you are feeling crafty you could make your own. We have a tutorial HERE

Thymes Pumpkin Candle ($34.00) - Such great quality candles and this pumpkin shape is just subtle enough to give a fall vibe without being so in your face. 

Seaglass Blue Pumpkin ($33.00) - I thought this was SO pretty!  I love the colors. 

Fall Garden Flag ($9.99) - I have a little garden flag stand that I like to switch out flags for each holiday, but some of mine have gotten faded over the years. Love this pretty one! 

Throw blanket ($23.99) - Is there anything more cozy than snuggling up with a throw blanket. Even just draping it over a chair adds a bit of coziness to your home.  This one comes in a ton of different colors, but I loved this pretty green that matched the other items I found. 

Farm Fresh Pumpkin Sign ($19.99) - For all of you, like me, who love the farmhouse style. 

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