Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Wall Organization Inspiration

Now that we are back in the swing of a new school year and Fall activities, I am desperately trying to get my busy family organized. I constantly feel we are living a groundhog's day version of that moment in Home Alone. You know the one I'm talking about? The panicked rush from the house through the airport scene?  

We're all running around in different directions, with different activities, and my husband and I have a mostly well coordinated afternoon activities pick-up/drop-off routine that luckily hasn't left any poor child behind or forgotten. 

Somewhere along the line I realized that I was the keeper of all the things. The four other people were constantly asking me, "Where are we going today?" or "What time is practice today?" or "What are our weekend plans?"

wall organization system

I've been eyeing this wall organization system from Pottery Barn for forever, but for some reason I've never pulled the trigger. I love the idea of having everything written and available in a central location so that my kids and husband all know what our schedule is or where they need to be without asking me. Because bless them if I suddenly go missing one day. 

I think part of my hesitation is that the wall system is on the pricier side. I know there are less expensive options out there, but it is nice this one is all packaged up and ready for you in one click. I also remembered last year Carrie Beth did this same thing for her family and found a super cute chalkboard wall calendar that she loves. 

acrylic wall calendar

After looking a little deeper, I realized our faithful shopping friend - Amazon - has some great options available. I still haven't decided what to do, but.... I am planning on getting this done by the end of the week. Here's are some of the fun wall organization options I've found so far in case you are thinking you want to organize your family too! 

wall organization available from Amazon

  1. Oversized Framed Monthly Calendar - Love this option! It comes in a variety of wood frame options as well as different backgrounds aside from the traditional white board option (ex: chalkboard, galvanized tin, etc.). It's the perfect calendar to mix and match other organization pieces with. 

  2. Hidden Chalkboard/Corkboard - What a great way to keep everything nice and organized while still being decorative. Love this option - especially to hide away messy pinned projects and invitations. 

  3. Custom organization board - Am I the only one who didn't know Amazon offered personalized items too?! The minute I saw this customized framed white board I fell in love. It comes completely customized and every section/name/frame color/etc. can be something tailored to organize your family. And it's a steal! 

  4. Framed White Board w/Notes - Similar to the one above, but slightly larger without the customization. I love the fact that it has a "notes" and a "to do" section included. 

  5. Get Things Done - I thought this framed "Get Things Done" white board was the perfect addition to a wall organization system. I like the size of it as well as the fact it has a ton of different frame and background options (it even has a galvanized version!)

  6. Galvanized Framed Monthly Calendar - Speaking of galvanized things, I thought this galvanized monthly calendar was perfect for all the farmhouse decor lovers we know. It is also magnetized as well!

  7. Acrylic Calendar Options - Acrylic decor is having a moment right now and there are so many on trend calendar options on Amazon as well as accessories to make your own complete wall organization system. I like this monthly version with gold detailing (comes with matching gold accessories and a weekly option!), but I thought this square one was cute too!  

  8. Hanging Burlap Organizer - I thought this framed organizer was genius! It has burlap wrapped pockets that can also be used as a push board with pins. It's dual purpose makes it a great mix and match piece with the wall calendars! 

  9. Hanging Basket Organizers - Almost all wall systems I looked at had some sort of hanging basket organizer to hold mail, magazines, etc. There are SO many great options on Amazon, but these triple tiered wire ones that come in various color finishes were some of my favorite - especially at that price! I also like this little trio of baskets

I'll follow up with what I pick soon! But let me know if you have one of these and what are your favorites! 

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