Friday, October 30, 2020

A Spooky Charcuterie + Happy Everything


Whew - what a week! Hurricane Zeta left us all with a lot of tricks and no treats. But that's okay...from where I stand (and thankfully it's no longer in the dark) we still are having lots of spooky fun. 

Due to the hurricane canceling school, we found ourselves with a lot of extra playtime and Halloween activities we could sneak in. To make everything extra festive I decided to break out my favorite Happy Everything serving pieces and have a fun Spooky Charcuterie set up for everyone to snack on while the kids were busy turning their playhouses into haunted houses. 

| Black Stripe Bowl with Large Haunted House Attachment |

Even with the hurricane damage everywhere, this little spooky set up was super easy to put together. Most of the charcuterie items and drinks I already had on hand. And the Happy Everything serving pieces made my theme come to life with just a quick switch of the attachments

One minute these pieces were set for a football get together we hosted, but within seconds I had my spooky bat, large haunted house, and candy corns put on all my bases for a completely spooktacular setting. 

Charcuterie boards are always so fun to put together and they are usually crowd pleasers no matter what age the crowd. I also like the idea that you can do theme boards or mix and match different snacks to make holiday themed boards. 

For the Spooky Charcuterie I grabbed a variety of cubed cheeses and crackers as the base. Then I filled in with some pumpkin themed treats (Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and Peanut Butter Pumpkin No-Bake Cookies) and some Fall themed candies (candy corns and pumpkin gum drops). It was a good mix of salty-sweet snacks that leaned a little more kid friendly. 

For the rest of the food we had Monster Funfetti cupcakes the kids decorated and a pretzel platter with both soft and hard pretzels to dip into mustard. This time of year it is so easy to find themed snacks. Just like the ghost chips above, I was able to find pretzels that were in bat and pumpkin shapes. 

Between the Happy Everything bases with fun attachments and the easy snack idea, I was able to put together an entire spooky spread with in minutes. I love being able to host, and when it is low stress - even better!

We are hosting another small gathering of neighbors Halloween night so all my Happy Everything plates and platters will stay in their Spooky modes for now, but after this weekend...

 Like everyone else, I'm tempted to get all things - even my serving pieces - ready for the holidays!

To learn more about Happy Everything and their line of fun bases and attachments, you can visit their online store or see where you can shop locally.  

Happy Halloween everyone! 

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