Friday, September 2, 2022

Everyday Organizing for Busy Moms {Do A Last Sweep}

Happy September!  We're gearing up for football this month and love that fall is just around the corner. It's a new month and time for another post in the Everyday Organizing for Busy Moms series. 

By now most everyone is back to school and in some sort of a routine with sports, homework, and busy weeknights.  I've always been a night owl, but the older I get there are times that I'm ready to go to bed before my teenagers. However, I often force myself to power through and get a second wind or at least make them head up to their rooms before me because not only do I enjoy a few minutes of sitting in the quiet house alone, but before I let myself sit down I think it's so important to do a last sweep each night.   

The last sweep for me is spending 5-10 minutes picking up the house, putting things back in their place, and just making sure everything is prepped and ready for the next day. Doing this helps our mornings go as smoothly as possible and helps keep the house tidy. None of my kids are morning people (and neither am I) so doing as much the night before is key for us to getting out the door on time and for myself to just go to bed with a sense of calmness.  

In the evenings I always make sure lunches are packed, dishes are done, the house is picked up. I make sure the kids have their backpacks and clothes/cleats/equipment for after school practices ready. I also do a mental checklist of the next day and plan it as much as possible. If I have errands to run or things to do around the house I plan that along with the sports practice carpools and logistics so I'm not scrambling the next day.  

I do make my kids put their things away and pick up after themselves on a regular basis, but during the week we are often rushing from one thing to the next and the time they are at home I want them studying or sleeping so shoes get left out, school papers end up on the counter, water bottles are everywhere and it starts to drive me crazy. A neat house makes me feel calm so me doing a quick last sweep each night and having everything in its place before laying my head on the pillow helps me tremendously! 


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August {Stay on top of it!}

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