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Best Books of 2022

Usually this post is our very favorite to write all year long! Often times the second we finish a book we know it is going to make our top three for the year and can't wait to sing its praises. Some years we have SO many favorites that it is almost impossible to narrow it down to just three. This year just felt different though. We kept checking in with each other trying to see if there was anything we both loved or anything we were missing, but a lot of the books we read this year just didn't have the same effect as some of the years pasts.  However, when we started looked back there were some great standouts so without further ado, we are finally sharing what we think were the best books of 2022!




I LOVE a good coming of age story and this one was told over 6 summers and one weekend. An emotional and great twist on the classic boy and girl next door story. They experience friendship, fall in love over 6 summers, and ultimately end their relationship in terrible heartbreak. They are reunited for a funeral years later and their connection is undeniable, but they must face what pushed them apart so many years ago.  

You can read my original review HERE

I LOVE books that make me feel and this one did just that! 


My second favorite book of the year was Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus. This title hit so many best seller lists and won several awards so I'm sure you have all heard about it by now. Set in the 50's and 60's, forward thinking Chemist, Elizabeth Zott, finds herself teaching a cooking show to housewives and uses her platform to share a powerful message to all women. 

You can read my original review HERE

It was a true girl power book and although I don't have a career in a heavily male industry, I have SO many friends that do and this book felt like a champion for all women. It made me want to say, "You go girl!" so many times and it was just so thoughtfully written. Quirky and cute, it made me laugh out loud, and I loved the powerful message to all women.    


Here we favorite book of 2022 was Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez.  This was a random title I selected when scrolling for a new book one day and I am so happy I went with it.  Jen and I talk about this often, but there are MANY times that the award winning books are obviously amazing, but just not my jam. That certainly wasn't the case with my number two pick this year, but in most cases the books that receive all the hype just don't live up to the hype for me.  I love books that make me feel and if a book can make me both laugh and cry, well that one is a winner for me! This book isn't likely to win any awards except for my favorite book of the year, but it is just the type of book I love. I started it thinking it would just be another love story, but it really felt like so much more. 

You can read my original review HERE

I loved the big city doctor and small town lifestyle unexpected connection the two main characters had. It made them question everything they knew and ultimately forced them to decide if love was worth giving it all up for. When a book had me staying up WAY past my bedtime, listening to it in bed because I just don't want to stop, how could it not be named my favorite of the year?!?


Oh my this is tough! I read 85 books last year, and I still can't believe that. 85!! That car pool/audio book situation is really doing things to increase my intelligence. Or at least teaching me 97 ways to murder someone. It could go either way really.  

In addition to my top three, I really enjoyed all three that Carrie Beth mentioned too. Two of them almost made my list, but then I thought that would be boring for you to hear about. So...three different options and after reading my reviews from past post, I think I got it just right. 


I loved this little Italian treasure from Rebecca Serle. Her books are full of beautiful imagery, wonderful characters and a story that sticks with you for awhile. Here is my original review of One Italian Summer, and if you haven't read it yet - put it on your reading list asap. And maybe start scouting good deals on flights to Italy. 


So I normally wouldn't call my self a thriller lover. But...numbers don't lie, and I read a lot of thriller/suspense novels last year.  I actually think now it is one of my favorite genres to listen to on Audio because it holds my attention when I'm in the car for hours at a time. I tried to pick out my favorite for the year, and a few really stood out. The top one though...The Golden Couple. This was the one I read and then shared with all my girlfriends. Unanimously they all agreed - it was twisty goodness!

Read my original review of The Golden Couple.


After I read all of my top reviews for 2022, choosing The Wedding Veil as my favorite was a no brainer.  Kristy is one of our all time favorite authors, so it is no surprise that her release for the year topped my list. I loved the relationship building in this story, and the tie in with the Vanderbilt legacy in such a unique way made for a story that stuck around with me all year long. 

If you haven't read this magical story yet, read my original review and add it to your cart now! 

And there you have it! Bring on 2023 reading! 

What was your favorite book of 2022? Share with us!!

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