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Book Club: April 2022


Another month is here and you know what that means...Book Club Day!!! Last month started gearing up for end of year craziness for school and sports, so neither of us got to read as many books as we had hoped. But, the ones we did read we really liked!  We're excited for summer break which means lazy afternoons by the pool with a book in hand, but until then we will squeeze in some reading when we can.



First up for me was All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata. The main character, Aurora, was in a 14 year relationship with a musical superstar that ended abruptly, so she made her way back to her hometown in Colorado. There she meets single dad, Rhodes, and his teenage soon. 

She reconnects with some friends from her past, but the slow-burn romance and the sweet relationship she begins to form with the son are the sweetest. She hides the fact that she's got some musical talents of her own and it just so happens that Rhodes' son is an aspiring musician so they bond over that. Much of this story is set in the beautiful outdoors, so lots of references to nature, hiking as Aurora tries to connect with her late mother who was an avid hiker.  It was a sweet story that I think most would enjoy!

I couldn't wait to start on The Wedding Veil by Kristy Woodson Harvey. I loved this book!  Harvey's stories never disappoint me and this was no different.  

It had a historical fiction component that shared about the Vanderbilts and much of that portion of the story was set at The Biltmore.  The story flipped back and forth between past (The Vanderbilt Family) and present following 3 generations of women who's family veil is a symbol of love and long lasting relationships. That is until a grandmother helps her granddaughter become a runaway bride to save herself from making a big mistake.  

This story was entertaining, emotional, and educational!  I highly recommend it! 

I wrapped up this month with Love, Lists & Fancy Ships by Sarah Grunder Ruiz.  Jo is a yacht stewardess who is working her way through a 30 by 30 bucket list leading up to her 30th birthday.  

A family tragedy combined with some miscommunication land her taking care of her teenage nieces for the summer and the three of them become a team trying to work through the list while working through their grief.  Kissing a stranger as one of her list items leads her to meet a potential love interest if she is willing to open herself up to love.  This story was super cute and had some deeper messages and I really enjoyed it. 


I LOVED this book!! Pretty much anything Kristy Woodson Harvey writes, I'm reading. ASAP. 

Right from the very first chapter, I was sucked in. I’ve always been fascinated with the Biltmore and the stories it grand walls hold. So when one of my favorite authors wrote a book intertwining a bit of the Biltmore history in this dual timeline novel, I couldn’t resist.

The novel opens with a wedding weekend in the beautiful setting of the Biltmore. Everything is as beautiful as the estate itself - except the relationship. A mystery veil, a questionable groom, a secret or two waiting to be discovered...needless to say I was hooked.

The relationship between Julia and her grandmother is lovely and endearing. As the novel unfolded I realized their relationship was the true love story being written.

From start to finish The Wedding Veil is a treat in family legacy, family bonds, and perfect timing. I highly recommend you adding The Wedding Veil to your reading list right this second!!

This book gave me all the feelings. Talk about a gut wrenching, yet heartwarming story. What Matters Most takes places in picturesque Nantucket Island. As two heartbroken and grief stricken individuals cross paths, a friendship blossoms and each realizes maybe life has more in store for them.

As each character journeys on a path of healing, longtime kept secrets threaten to disrupt their newfound peace.

The story is a contemporary romance, but it’s theme is a message of forgiveness and the power of it in all different facets.

I highly enjoyed this one and recommend it for anyone looking for a page turning picker-upper.

It’s been awhile since I was so into a book I finished it in one day. Then comes along What Happened to the Bennetts. Y'all I devoured this book!

This story was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It’s a political thriller but the main focus is family and what lengths you would go to for those that you love.

The whole time I was reading it, I kept imagining what I would do in this same situation and how horrible it would be. But in today’s crazy world it also seems like something that could happen in real life.



Next up for me is Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score. I have no idea what it is about and I don't think I've ever ready anything by this author, but it popped up on a search and has a ton of great reviews!  I'll keep you posted! 


I'm still in a mystery/thriller mood, so I grabbed The Golden Couple to read next. I've GREAT things about this one, so stay tuned! 



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