Friday, May 20, 2022

You're Invited: Kendra Scott East Cobb Grand Opening Party


Y'all we have some AMAZING news! Kendra Scott is opening a pop-up shop in Marietta! 
Even more exciting? We are hosting a special event to celebrate! 


We've partnered with Kendra Scott to host an event to celebrate their grand opening weekend. There will be food, drinks, Fairy Hair, special gifts and discounts, and - most importantly - it is a "Kendra Gives Back" event!


Kendra Scott does a ton of things to support charities and local causes. We've partnered with the East Cobb store to give 20% of all proceeds from the event to the CheerAbilities teams of Rockstar Cheer Atlanta

As you know, three of our daughters cheer. While we attend different gyms, this is a team that no matter what gym you are affiliated with, you can't help but cheer for. 

Started as a senior project by Katilyn Boyer during her senior year of high school, she brought her vision to gym owner, Carolyn Garrison, who shared her vision that there can be a cheer program for ALL athletes and varying abilities.  Together, along with Katilyn's mother, Tracey, the CheerAbilities program which started as a group of 7 has grown into 2 teams with over 25 athletes combined. 

Katlyn and Tracy have dreams of expanding the program to more athletes and adding an additional team this season. They have worked hard to give these kids the opportunity to shine on stage, as well as give them the platform to be treated like any other athletic team. 

But like any team, there are costs involved, and both the Kendra Scott team and The Magnolia Mamas are so excited that our community is able to help in a fun, yet big, way!


We also couldn't resist adding in a special gift or two for you! Kendra Scott has been amazing and they've decided to offer a free gift with a $75 purchase for the event too! 

Guests who spend $75 dollars will receive this gorgeous Fern Necklace for FREE! 


You can RSVP to the special grand opening event HERE as well as learn more about what the event will offer. You can also see a super cute video of the CheerAbilities team in action!

Can't make the event? No worries! We will have a special online code for you to use that will give 20% of your purchase to the team over the course of the weekend. Stay tuned for the code!! 

We can't wait to see you there!! 

Come spend the day with us on:


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