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Tips & Tricks to Keep Warm in During Weather Sports

Winter sports season is well underway. Spring sports season has officially kicked off for some, but Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the memo. Us moms cheering on the sidelines? We’re cold.

There’s nothing we love more than supporting our kids in the activities they love. Even if that means we will be cheering them on the sidelines in less than favorable conditions. This time of year, weather can pose a variety of threats, but as the old saying goes the show (or in this case the game) must go on. And so shall our warmth. Here’s some tried and true tricks and tips to keep warm the next time you’re cheering on the home team.

Tricks & Tips to Keep Warm During Cold Weather Sports

Get schooled in meteorology – Okay so maybe not be a full out meteorologist, but definitely make sure you understand the weather before you head to the fields. Aside from the obvious of checking the temperature, make sure you take a peek at the humidity. The more humidity in the atmosphere, the colder it will be. So 32 degrees with low humidity will feel a lot warmer than 32 degrees with higher humidity.

Dress in layers – Having the right cold weather gear for your little players is important. Same goes for you on the sidelines. Wearing the right layers can make all the difference in the world. Not just random layers – there’s an art to it. Our standard cheering section uniform is a light moisture-wicking base layer, regular clothes, fleece layer, all finished off with a good winter coat. By having the right layering system and keeping moisture away from your skin, you stay warmer.

Volunteer – We all have a ton going on right? Adding one more item into your schedule seems unthinkable. But notice who doesn’t seem cold (or at least as cold)? The players, the coaches, the team mom…It’s all because they are moving! One way to keep warm is to volunteer to help. Organizations are always looking for parent coaches or volunteers. So raise your hand, offer to help, and get moving. Because we can assure you, hot dog griller number one in the concession stand is never cold.

Stay hydrated – We worry about making sure our athletes are well hydrated, but remember you need to stay hydrated too. Even in the cold weather months. The more hydrated you are, the better your body is at regulating its temperature. So drink up soccer moms! (And we don’t mean that special “keep warm juice” you might have hidden in your purse.)

Wrap your seat, raise your feet! – The more insulation you can put between yourself and the ground or the bleachers the warmer you will be. We love these insulated stadium chairs for those cold bleachers. But if you don’t have one handy, wrap yourself in a warm wool blanket and then sit down. No seats available? Stand on a cooler or another raised surface to keep your feet off the cold ground.

HotHands, Warm…hands, feet, arms... – Bringing a portable heater isn’t possible (is it?!), so we resort to the next best thing – HotHands. These handy little heating packs are a life savor on those cold, blustery days. We’ve been known to grab a value pack and stick them over every available surface of our body. But placing them in your gloves and socks instantly warms your extremities, which warms your whole body too. So next time you’re at Costco, grab a box or three.

What are some of your tips and tricks to keep warm during cold weather sports? Share with us!

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