Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Surprising Statement 2.0

If we have learned one thing over the past few months, it is that you ladies love a good statement necklace. I mean L-O-V-E. We are still getting texts, emails, and Instagram photos about the fun $10 Walmart statement necklaces you guys have stumbled upon yourselves. 

Well duly noted ladies. We are here to give the people what they want. Today's post is all about another fun statement necklace/jewelry find.   

Before we get to that though, a few of you in your Walmart ventures kept saying that you saw some awesome statement necklace finds for not only $10, but for under $5 as well. A few weeks ago, I spotted them with my own eyes. 

Craziness! Only $5?!? You can't beat that!

I would stop this post here, but I really am excited about the next find we found for you guys. I kept hearing about this jewelry website called BaubleBar, so during Black Friday I decided to try them out for myself. 

Over the weekend my order arrived, and I could not have been more impressed. First, it arrived in a fun little box. Second, it came with everything I needed to wrap my gifts, including gift tags. You score major points in my book when you make everything easy.

I was so excited to wear my new jewelry that when Monday rolled around with our scheduled visit to the Pink Pig, I decided to shake things up a bit and branch out from my typical uniform of yoga pants. The extra effort must have been worth it. As I entered Cute's school, two people stopped and asked me about the green teardrop necklace I had chosen. Then running errands another person commented on it. 

I snapped this quick pic in the car before meeting CB and friends at Lenox. The green color really is pretty and is so festive for this time of year. The gold initial necklace is much more understated, but I loved the combo of the two.

The best part though, I purchased each for less than $15! 

The BaubleBar did have a great sale for Black Friday, but I have learned they always have a great sale on a handful of pieces each week. On Mondays, they select a few pieces to be listed as their $10 "Buried Baubles" for the week. On Fridays, they do the same at a price point of $20.   

I'm not gonna lie... a $10 statement necklace offer will always get my attention. Always.

 The $10 necklaces I purchased during Black Friday week are already gone, but here are my favorites from this weeks Buried Baubles offer...

The Ascot Statement Necklace
The Ladies Slipper Collar Necklace
(I couldn't decide which color I like best!) 
 I fell in love with the Slipper Collar Necklace so much that a few family members might be receiving it under their trees in a few weeks. :) 

After sharing my excitement over finding a new cheap jewelry haunt with Carrie Beth, we both did some shopping and picked out a few of our favorites. It's evident we both loved the personalized options that the BaubleBar has to offer. Gotta monogram everything! :) 

- When you sign up you save 15% off your first order. 
- Usually there are around 100 items for under the $20 mark at any given time, and I've noticed they send out several discount codes each week.
- With the holidays just around the corner they have been doing more deals each day, and lots and lots of $10 deals in all categories. 
- They are an Ebates partner, if you would like to save a little more $$. 
- They have a rewards program! You can earn points for every purchase that you place, and can use this towards future purchases. 

Again, major points in my book for not only offering fun and inexpensive jewelry, but to offer great discounts and a way for me to get free jewelry? That will shoot you to the top of the list! 

While on the subject, I just had to tell you about one more awesome jewelry deal I found today. Earlier, I was in the Kate Spade outlet store picking up a few fun gifts for some lovely ladies in my life. Kate Spade makes the cutest little earrings. I love the little red bows!

When I got home and began wrapping everything I realized, I forgot a few people. Eek! Rather than go back to the mall with the kids, I found some awesome deals online.
These Kate Spade Small Square Studs are some of my simple favorites and come in a ton of colors. Right now Amazon has them on sale on their website for $28.50 (originally $38), but with a special discount code they are sharing for Green Monday (GRNMON14) it brings the total price down to $19.95. Yay! I also loved these, these and these!

I love finding a good deal! 

Let us know what your favorite Bauble ends up being! You never know when it might be useful later...hint, hint. ;) 

Happy Shopping Everyone!
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