Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Home Tour

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times on here...I just love this time of year!  I have been excited about decorating our new house for Christmas ever since last Christmas.  That will always be remembered as the year when all of my decorations were packed away in our storage unit and we were basically still living out of suitcases.  Yep, this Christmas has a very special meaning because we are settled in our new home!

I reserved the day after Thanksgiving for putting out all of my Christmas decorations.  I spent from about 10 AM - 10 PM doing it, but was happy to have it all done in one day.

I already shared the new wreaths I made on my pine cone post, but here they are, one more time!

In our entry way I added my red berry wreath that used to hang on our single front door above the table.  I am hoping for a large family portrait to hang in that spot after the Christmas craziness slows down, but for now I love having the wreath there!

I found the cute little Christmas tree candles at Wal-Mart, as well as, the red burlap runner. It came on a big roll and I just cut the amount needed to fit the table.

Also in our entry way I have a tiny little tree.  It's nothing special, but I love seeing it lit up at night there.  One year when we were living in Florida and coming back to Atlanta for Christmas we had decided we weren't going to do a Christmas tree.  It was pre-kids and since we do a live tree we didn't want to deal with the mess of it since we wouldn't even be home for Christmas.  Well, my sweet Mother-in-law gave us this little one so we could at least have some sort of tree up that year!  I love putting it out each year and remembering that. :-)

Next comes my kitchen.  I took this pictures last week because my pine cone wreaths are still up.  Sadly, they kept falling (they were just too heavy for the command hooks I used) and I haven't had time to fix them yet.

A few years ago, Jen and some of our friends did one of those painting nights at Christmas time and we all painted Christmas canvases. I love wreaths so that's the one I picked.  It's a fun to pull it out each year and remember that night with my friends.  Our elf must like it, too, because that is the spot he chose to sit yesterday.

I keep all the Christmas cards we get in this red wire basket.  It sits right on the counter all month long because the kids love grabbing it and looking through all the pictures of the friends and our family.  I've been thinking about switching it up and finding a way to display the cards, but haven't come up with anything brilliant yet. Anyone have ideas they could share???

Of course, my chalkboard gets a Christmas makeover, too! 

More pine cones on our kitchen table and more of that red burlap as a runner, too!  I also add Christmas pillow to the bench to have little touches of the season everywhere possible.

I added a garland, red candles and accessories to the fireplace in the keeping room.

And I put out all the kids Christmas books in a basket so they are ready to read at a moments notice.

My antique hutch holds a Christmas platter that belonged to my grandmother and our nativity.

And here is another view of the keeping room and kitchen and the fun chevron pillows I picked up from Hobby Lobby. They are such a deal and I wrote all about them HERE.  

The playroom is full of fun and cute stuff to make that room more festive.  A tabletop tree my mom gave me to brighten up my dorm room during Christmas my freshman year of college and little stuffed animals...

Their Christmas countdown...

Christmas paper chains the kids made that were a gift to them last year...

Some of their sweet artwork from over the years...

And the Hallmark singing snowman collection that they just love playing with.  Hallmark puts out a new one each year and they are so cute.  I had more, but sadly they got ruined while in storage. Thankfully these still work though!  

Our dining room gets a makeover with traditional red and green (and more pine cones...are you noticing a theme this year)? :-)

Lastly for the first floor is our living room.  This is where we spend most of our time in the evenings, watching TV and where we will gather Christmas morning.  The kids were funny asking which chimney Santa would come down since we have two, but they decided he would come down the one with the stockings and know that was the place to put all their presents.

The kid's stockings are from Pottery Barn Kids and I have been toying with the idea of getting the hubs and I ones to match. Honestly though, the ones we have coordinate, color wise, and I have a hard time spending money on them when the ones we have are just fine.  Plus, I have a little attachment to the pair we've have had since we were newlyweds!

We don't have a designer tree.  Instead, it is filled with ornaments that have lots of meaning to each of us. Some are those that my hubby and I have from our own childhoods and others are ones the kids have began to collect each year.  I also proudly display the handmade ornaments the kids bring home from school each year and love those most of all!

Each of the kids have trees in their room that they just loved helping to decorate.  They all sleep with them on as their night-lights each night for the entire month!

And there you have it...that's our Christmas house.  The outdoors at night is my favorite. There aren't tons of lights or elaborate decorations, but it looks so pretty lit up and I love driving up in the evenings and seeing this view!

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