Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gift Giving: The Grandparents

Throughout the week we will be sharing some of last minute gift ideas. Some of the toughest for me to come up with is usually the grandparents. Most of our parents usually buy whatever they want/need throughout the year so it makes it tough come birthdays and holidays. 

After doing some shopping and some requests of major hints, we came up with a quick, fun suggestion list. 

Gift Idea #1: Reading Tablet

If you have a parent/grandparent who loves to read books, magazines or newspapers, the Kindle or the Nook are great gifts. You can preload some of their favorite reads on the device and then it is good to go for them.

Currently, most models of the Nook and the Kindle are under $100. Both websites have been offered great deals this holiday season, especially on digital books and magazine offers. 

Gift Idea #2: Family Tree Prints

While browsing Etsy, I found these family tree prints. There were so many unique designs and options, but these were a few of my favorites. I thought this was a perfect idea for a family keepsake gift. Some shops even had an options where you could alter the print/painting as the family grew. 

Gift Idea #3: Jewelry

While we are on the subject of Etsy, I also saw tons of fun jewelry. This gift is geared more towards the grandmother's but I know they would love some of the custom themed options. This birthstone family tree necklace caught my eye, but I also loved this one, this one and this one

Gift Idea #4: Journals

This grandparent journal is adorable. I did the pregnancy journal by this same author, and loved the set up and easy flow the journal created for you. 

I also liked this fun journal from Uncommon Goods. I love how the grandparents can write little letters back and forth with their grandchildren. 

Gift Ideas #5-8: Photo and Personalized Gifts 
I found a hidden gem in Tiny Prints. Each year we order fun calendars for all of the grandparents containing photos from throughout the year. While I was on there ordering our calendars, I realized they had an awesome gift and home section I had never noticed before. 

I was so excited to see these Erin Condren planners on the website! I had no clue they sold them, I love mine and I know Carrie Beth loves hers too. This would make a great gift for that busy grandparent who loves to stay organized. The planners even have a fun personalized cover options that would be perfect to upload a family photo to. To take it a step farther you can even pre-write down some important events, birthdays, planned vacations, and babysitting days (just kidding about that last one! Maybe.). 

The instant I saw these herringbone blankets, I fell in love. It seems warm and cozy, and the perfect thing to snuggle in with coffee in the morning or fit in your bag while traveling to visit grandchildren. Plus it's monogrammed. :) Monogrammed is always a winner!
Each year all the grandparents request a family photo as a gift. Because the 9,629 I send throughout the year aren't enough. :) So I usually frame a desk photo for them. This year I thought it would be fun to switch it up and order these fun little easels with photos from our Christmas card session. There are tons of options, and perfect if you still have a working grandparents who wants to brighten up their desk during the day!

Currently there is a site wide sale on Tiny Prints going on right now - 30% off everything. When you go to Tiny Prints and place your order, just use the promo code SW30SALE and you'll save 30% on your purchase. Also note, Monday will be the last day available for ground shipping.

That concludes our quick list. Please let us know any fun, unique gift ideas you have come up with, or if you are a grandparent, what is on your wish list this year? 

Happy Shopping!

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