Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Frozen Mason Jar Snowman {plus a printable}

It is so funny how similar Carrie Beth and I are some days. Earlier in the week when we were talking about gifts we were making this week when we realized we both came up with an idea to give gifts in a mason jar. 

I shouldn't have been shocked. This is the South and mason jars are our love language. We eat out of them. We drink out of them. We store random things in them. We use them as a vase. You better believe we give gifts in them. 

Where we differed slightly in our thinking though is Carrie Beth put at least a baking effort into her gifts, and I straight up went store bought. 

I'm ashamed. The mailman totally deserves better. I've ordered a lot of packages this holiday season. A lot. Hernia worthy packages. And here in the South nothing gets you through a hernia better than baked goods in a mason jar.

I'm super ashamed. 

My goal is to distract you from my lack of baking by dazzling you with my glue gun and ribbon tying skills.

Frozen themed mason jar snowman gift and free frozen themed printable. Great gift for the holidays!


I thought so. 

And if that by some chance wasn't enough to impress you, at the end of this post I break into song and give you a free Frozen themed printable. 

Okay, okay. Only one part of that is true. No one needs to hear me sing "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?". 

If you hear me sing anything from the Frozen sound track it should totally be "Let It Go." I rock that. After listening to it approximately 1,345,982,290 times I could totally be Idina Menzel's vocal twin. 

Have I totally distracted you now?

Good. :)

When planning out my holiday treats and looking at my calendar I knew I didn't have a whole lot of free time in my schedule to do anything extravagant. So I thought of a few easy things I could do that looked pretty, but had minimal effort.

I remember months ago seeing a cute snowman mason jar idea on Pinterest, but I forgot to actually pin it. Rather than try to scour through pins, I just came up with a quick version of my own. I bought large and small mason jars, black buttons, and red ribbon.

I filled the large jars with white chocolate covered pretzels (I actually found snowflake ones at the grocery store already pre-done), and the smaller jars I filled with Hershey's Hugs.

Then I broke out my handy glue gun and glued three black buttons onto each jar. If you don't have a glue gun you can probably either forgo this part or use double sided tape.

I am usually super picky about even the small details, but I had about six minutes of free time before The Cutes realized candy and treats were out. So I just glued and placed the buttons without too much precision behind it. Oops. 

Once I had the buttons on, I measured and tied my ribbon selections onto the jar so it would look like a scarf. Once I had the first set of each finished, I measured out the ribbon for the rest of the jars and finished them out all together. I think it runs a little faster than cutting the ribbon separately each time. 

I designated the smaller filled jars of Hugs for Cute's classmates and friends. I made some fun Frozen inspired gift tags featuring Olaf, and he was thrilled.  

I hole punched the tag and just slipped it through the ribbon "scarf".

To print and enjoy a generic version of this printable see below for a free download. 

 For the larger snowman jars, I simply just wrapped them in a gift bag and included a gift card with our holiday card for his teachers. For our mailman and other adult recipients I did the same. 

Super easy and it only took a few minutes of my time!

While I haven't had much time to do holiday baking, hopefully these will still bring a smile to everyone this holiday season. 

Now off to do a quick run, and then to head to Cute's Christmas program. While I haven't had enough time to do any holiday baking, I have definitely managed to find time for some holiday eating. :)

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