Sunday, April 19, 2015

Savvy Sassy Sunday: Baby Bjorn Kitchen Collection

Hope everyone has had a great Sunday! And hopefully everyone has recovered from the Lilly for Target sale (more on that later this week). Since I was in retail recovery mode tonight for dinner I decided to make one of our family favorites. 

The Italian Chicken Spinach Bake never disappoints. Everyone in the family loves it, and Little Cute usually can't wait to climb up in her little seat once she sees the noodles being served. When it comes to eating, our kids definitely channel their Italian roots, and gobble up any pasta put in front of them. I don't make it too often and usually it is such a messy experience that I make The Cutes eat shirtless so that they don't stain their clothes.

Tonight though, I didn't have to worry about a thing. We had that mess under control! A few weeks ago I discovered the Baby Bjorn soft bib collection and let me just tell you - life saving! Well life saving in a "I won't have to put my stain removing skills through the gamut" kind of life saving. 

Neither of my children have loved wearing bibs, and the moment I put one on they usually ripped it off after ten seconds. It was added laundry and I eventually gave up. The Bjorn soft bibs though are awesome. They are comfortable, and have this neat closure that little ones can't open themselves like they can a velcro one. Little Cute attempted once or twice, but once she failed to succeed she moved on to more important eating. 

Now I don't have to go through the process of undressing her prior to meals or worry about extra laundry? Winning! 

She seemed pretty pumped about it too. Well, that and the fact that she was delirious on Italian goodness. 

The Bjorn Kitchen Collection also has these awesome plate and spoon sets.  LC has been majorly a tad bit independent lately, and tends to want to use her own fork or spoon (usually stealing one of ours). When I showed her her own special plates and spoons she was so excited. 

And she was mesmerized by the cute little eyes on the spoons. 

She couldn't wait to use them and right away put her new little spoon to use. It's silicone grip makes it easy for little hands to grasp it.

And if in the even something were to fall from her spoon, it landed in the soft bibs little catchall pouch. 

Almost as fun the spoon, was the fact that if her snack fell she felt like it was saved and could eat it at leisure. I even caught her a few times just straight up putting her food in the pouch, climb down from her chair and attempt to eat later. 

So floor saver for mom, and snack transportation for baby. Also winning. :) 

Now since I don't have as much cleaning to do post dinner I am off to eat my nightly Talenti and watch a little ACM Awards. 

Happy Sunday!

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