Sunday, April 12, 2015

Savvy Sassy Sunday: hello toothpaste

If you all remember a few weeks ago we shared about our role as Savvy Sassy Scouts. We're really excited to be able to share some amazing products and brands with our readers and since last week was Easter, today is our first official Savvy Sassy Sunday. However, I just couldn't wait to share about the Moon Valley Organic Foot Rub after trying it out, so you can read about it HERE.

Brushing teeth is something that can quickly become boring and monotonous for kids. Don't you remember the old "let me run the toothbrush under the water" trick as a kid in hopes to fool mom and dad and make them think you really did brush. It's not really one of the more exciting parts of the day for kids, but with the hello products, it can actually be a pleasant experience.

We adored the bright and fun packaging at first sight.  After examining the tubes a little closer the kid-friendly toothpaste flavors - Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum and Green Apple - definitely caught my attention. My kids can be pretty picky about toothpaste. They often complain that it's "too spicy" so these fresh and fun new flavors that actually taste good were a welcomed change.

They've each tried all three flavors over the past week and there has not been one complaint about the taste. It's about time someone finally figured out that this stuff does go in your why shouldn't it be something that is pleasing to your taste buds.

I am the opposite of my kids. I LOVE brushing my teeth and actually enjoy the minty flavors because I guess I associate that with a clean mouth. I was a little worried the Supermint and Peach Mango Mint might not cut it for me, but I was so wrong. They were awesome and my favorite was definitely the Peach Mango Mint! So very tasty and left my mouth with that clean feel I love.

The main thing I have to worry about with a toothpaste are the harsh chemicals and cleaners. I have very sensitive teeth and if I don't use a toothpaste designed specifically for sensitive teeth, I can really tell the difference. The great thing about hello toothpastes are that they are a natural anticavity toothpaste so I didn't even have to worry. It's uses gentle cleansers and is free from preservatives, dyes, triclosan, microbeads and artificial sweeteners. Basically that means it is safe to use, totally good for you and has the stamp of approval from the ADA (American Dental Association). That makes me happy about using it for my sensitive teeth, but also for my kids because let's be honest, it does go into your mouth, so shouldn't it be as natural as possible?!

To find hello products you can check local stores like Kroger, Target, or Walgreens. It's also available online HERE if ordering is just easier. Be sure to check out their site HERE to read more about their awesome products and you can also find them on Twitter: @helloproducts and Instagram: @helloproducts.
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I received these products for review as part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts program. All opinions are my own. This post contains an Amazon affiliate link.

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