Thursday, July 23, 2015

Baseball Fever

Does anyone else have baseball fever in the summer? We are over halfway through the season, and our little family has been soaking up every game we can. Even the super hot ones. 

And I do mean HOT. July at the Ted has been no joke. 

Our seats season tickets are located in club level, and are normally pretty shaded, but the select few games we've been in the sun it has been a test of our southern blood. Being born and raised in heat and humidity we rarely get bothered by it. That's just the south. 

But then you realize you are getting the ugly sweats five seconds after sitting in your seats and you throw in the towel. 

Then you pick up the towel (monogrammed of course), wipe yourself off, and head into one of the best inventions that has ever graced this beautiful earth - air conditioning. 

At this particular game Cute was so hot he convinced Little Cute that she should push him in the stroller. He happily tomahawked his way up an down those air conditioned hallways like a champ. 

Little Cute usually resumes her seat of luxury though the moment we make our way to the Coca-Cola Sky Field. 

We love this area. It is usually shaded and has tons of activities for the kids. Plus, let's be honest, a gauntlet of refreshing misters. 

The kids obviously love the base running they can do up there. Even Little Cute will take a turn or two occasionally. Most times she stops and waves to all her "fans", but sometimes she actually makes it to the base. Listen 90ft of runway is not to be rushed. 

Regardless of heat stroke, we love our summers of baseball and love that we are passing that joy onto our children at such a young age. 

Here's to a fun remainder of summer at the ballpark...and a much cooler September. 

Do you have baseball fever? What team do you cheer for? 

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