Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer Bucket List - Update

Exactly one month.  That’s how long I have left with my kids home for summer break.  I think it should be a crime that they go back to school so early, but August 3 they will be back.  I love having my kids home with my on summer break. I love our relaxed schedules, I love sleeping in a bit, and I love the chaos of having them around the house.  

On our first day of summer break I shared our Summer Bucket list and all of the fun things I hoped to do with them this summer.  Now that we are half way through summer I thought I’d revisit that list, check off what we’ve done, and try to find a way to squeeze in most of the other fun into the next couple of weeks.  

*Visit a water park/splash pad - Not yet. 

*Have a picnic - We’ve had picnics on the boat, but it’s WAY too hot to eat outdoors otherwise. 

*Make home made ice-cream - I need to get on this for sure!  

*Sleepovers with friends - We have had lots and lots of sleepovers.  In fact, Boo-Boo has even had his first sleepovers with friends here and at their house. 

*Go to a Braves game - We're living vicariously through Jen's family right now on this one. 

*Take beach vacation - Heading there in a few weeks! 

*Play putt-putt - We’re planning to do this on our beach vacation. 

*Find local place to get shaved ice/snow cones - I have been searching and searching with no luck.  There is a little place near us that is a coffee shop and I’ve been told they have shaved ice, too.  But, because it’s a small coffee/smoothie place they have really weird hours and close early each day.   I really want to find a place I can take my kids after dinner in the evenings so if anyone is local and knows of a place, please share!  Otherwise, I'm tempted to open my own.  

*Lots of fun at the lake - Done, done and done! 

*Visit the library - We finally had a chance to visit the library this week for the first time.  The girls’ school library is open on Tuesday afternoons and this past week we took advantage of it.  It's funny how new books can spark their interest in reading.  

*Playdates with friends we don’t see often - Hoping to accomplish this in a few weeks, too. 

*See summer movies -We can't wait to see Inside Out, Max and the new Minions movie in the next few weeks.  

*Eat dinner at local food truck events - The shopping village across the street from our neighborhood has these events once a month and we were excited to go this week.  We are able to walk there from our house, which makes it even more fun.  There were 7 food trucks, music, kids dancing and playing with chalk and we ended our night with popsicles from the King of Pops.  

*Visit World of Coke - LOVED this outing.  If you missed it, check out my post HERE

*Visit Aquarium - Might be able to squeeze this in our schedule in a few weeks.  Otherwise we might wait and do it over Fall break. 

*Ride SkyView - Still wanting to do this, but haven't been yet. 

*Run through Centennial Olympic Fountains - Such a fun time.  Read about it HERE.  

*Practice “school” related skills - I have been making the girls read a lot, but we have not been working as much as I would like. Now that swim team is over I’m hoping our mornings can be spent getting ready to get back into school mode.  

As you can see we are making our way through our list and having lots of fun in the process.  I'm so sad that summer is half over and because we are going to be out of town for 2 of the 4 weeks we have left I just know it will fly by.  However, I'm going to try to soak up every second of having the kids home with me and keep trying to make it as fun and memorable as possible!

Don't forget on Monday we'll be having another installment of our Share Your Summer series and it's all about red, white and blue.  We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend and we hope you will come back on Monday to link up and share all of your red, white, and blue with us!

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