Friday, July 24, 2015

Kitchen Confessions: Vintage Sparkling Water

Wahoo the weekend is near! I just love summer weekends and am cherishing these last few we have available to us before the school grind begins. 

I would be remiss if I went into this weekend and didn't share my new favorite drink with you. Summer always has me craving something light and fruity to drink. Not to mention it is always so hot here in the deep south you are constantly thirsty, and its tough to stay feeling refreshed and rehydrated. 

As I was strolling through the aisles of my local Kroger, on one of the nine shopping trips I usually make during a week, I found this super cute sparkling water. We love drinking sparkling water, and when I saw the Vintage Sparkling Water display it caught my eye. The flavors sounded just what summer ordered (Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, and Cucumber Melon), and when I checked the nutritional content I was impressed. 

Vintage Sparkling Water is Gluten-Free, fat free, calorie free, doesn't contain any artificial flavors or dyes, and is sugar free. The only thing it isn't free of is great taste. 

Cucumber Melon was the first flavor I tried, and it quickly became my go to drink to bring with my to the pool. It was crisp, yummy and just the refreshing drink I was looking for after playing with The Cutes in the pool all morning. 

When I went to re-stock on my next trip to Kroger, I was so excited to find a different flavor was now available - Coconut. 

Coconut people. COCONUT!!! 

I might have squealed in excitement. As a lover of all things coconut, I knew that Vintage Sparkling Water and I were just meant to be. 

The coconut quickly became my new favorite and I became a full on addict by day two. It is that YUMMY! 

A twelve pack is pretty inexpensive at $3.99, but I was so excited to learn on the Vintage website they share a digital coupon for a $1.00 off. I love that my new favorite drink is yummy and doesn't break the budget at the checkout counter. 

I also saw that on the Vintage Sparkling Water website they share a ton of delicious recipes that you can make with their flavored waters - yum!  The recipes and video tutorials make mixing drinks easy and fun. Being huge Moscow Mule fans, the Vintage Mule just sounds plain scrumptious, and how could any southern girl not like the sound of the Vintage Southern Smile?

When we were craving a little afternoon weekend cocktail I knew that I wanted to make one of the yummy recipes with my new favorite drink, but then when I looked in our fridge I knew I had the ingredients to come up with a little something on my own. 

Mr. Cute always has pineapple on hand and what goes better together than pineapple and coconut? The answer nothing! It's a match made in tastebud heaven. I came up with this yummy pineapple and coconut recipe and it was delicious! 

Sparkling Pineapple-Coconut Crush 
(makes two servings - 110 cal/serving)

- 1 cup of chunked pineapple
-1 can of Coconut Vintage Sparkling Water 
- 3oz of Coconut flavored rum

-Place pineapple in blender and blend until smooth
- Add in can of Coconut Vintage Sparkling Water and rum
- Mix in blender for a full minute
- Serve and please drink responsibly

**For a non-alcoholic version add a teaspoon of lime juice and a half a cup of ice and you have a yummy and refreshing alternative. **

It is seriously yummy, and is the perfect light, yummy drink with a hint of sparkle that summer calls for. 

Cheers to that and finding my new favorite drink! 

We hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your own refreshing Vintage Sparkling Water!
Which flavor will you try? 

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