Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kitchen Confessions: Cedar Grilled Salmon

Sunday dinners around here are all about the grill. Truth be told in the summer our grills rarely get a break. Whether we are at home, at the beach, or relaxing lakeside the first thing our hubbies usually do on the weekends is head to the grocery store, and plan out our weekend grilling menu.

Like any family though, sometimes we get into a meal making rut and make the same things over and over, and then over again. Even as much as we love grilling this usually happens as well. Burgers and chicken are on repeat and by mid-summer everyone becomes a little burnout.

And you guys have read about my lack of mad cooking skills. Thinking of new meals on the spot obviously does not come easy to me.

A few weeks ago we did our weekend grocery shopping at Food Lion, and learned of the new Food Lion website. I tabled the information for later and when I was mindlessly trolling the internet one evening I decided to check it out.

Talk about inspiration! The internet can be overwhelming with the amount of information at hand, and Food Lion has made a clean user friendly website that makes planning for meals so easy at the touch of a button. I love how you can effortlessly click on what category you are looking to make and that you can save your favorites for later.

We've tried a few things people have posted and all have been simply yummy. While I am no chef extraordinaire, when we grilled a new recipe over one night this week I thought it would be fun to pay it forward, and share.

We made this super yummy Cedar Grilled Salmon. And by "we" I mean I told my husband what I thought sounded yummy, and he crafted away with his mad grill skills.


This recipe is super easy to make and both prep and cook time were super quick. To check out the full recipe visit the recipe placed on the Food Lion Recipe Portal, and enjoy it as well as tons of other scrumptious options. 

What recipe are you looking forward to trying? 
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