Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Perfect Playdate

Brrr! It has gotten so cold outside! Carrie Beth and I planned a fun playdate for the kids today, but with being so cold we decided to move our playdate party inside.

We have tons of toys at our house and lots of space for the kids to play around in, but thought it would be fun to introduce them to something new - the Wii! They are all getting so big, and mine have never really played a video game before that it would be the perfect time to introduce them to it. We quickly rearranged plans, and came up with a fun popcorn and dance party playdate - something we knew they were sure to love!


We chose to kick off the playdate with the new Just Dance: Disney Party 2. We let them open it and they were so excited!!

Not only were they thrilled to be playing something new but they were excited to see that it had 20 hit songs from some of their favorite shows - The Descendants, Liv & Maddie, and Teen Beach 2 just to name a few.

As we were setting up their characters, they were already planning what songs they were going to dance to first.

One of the great things about the Wii and video games like Just Dance: Disney Party 2 is that the kids are constantly moving. We love that they are getting exercise and having tons of fun at the same time.

Plus, I'm not going to lie...it provides quite a ton of laughs for moms and dads too! I mean check out these moves...

The kids loved being able to see some of their favorite Disney Channel characters brought to life, and to be able to learn some of their dances and sing along with them made for such a fun experience. We were shocked at how realistic some of the characters were too. The boys aren't able to read yet, but even they were able to recognize the characters they were dancing with right away. 

The popcorn portion of the playdate most definitely came in handy. All that dancing and singing worked up quite an appetite. After even just a few songs the kids were so hungry and thirsty!

Plus it provided a good way to occupy the little ones who weren't playing the game at the time because trust us, it was so fun everyone wanted to play all at once. Especially once they heard the music - everyone wanted to play their favorite songs. 

The boys loved the song "A Billion Hits" by Austin and Ally and played it several times, while the girls locked onto perfecting the moves from the Liv & Maddie hit "Better in Stereo".

The girls were so excited when they surpassed the boys (and their surprisingly great ability to follow the dance moves), and finally come up with the high score. 

This was the perfect way to spend our playdate, and we already can't wait to play Just Dance: Disney Party 2 again with the kids. 

We own the Nintendo Wii system, but know that the game is also available for the Wii U system as well as for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. After seeing how much fun everyone had we would highly recommend Just Dance: Disney Party 2. Not only was it an entertaining and fun way to spend our playdate, it was something active to get those little bodies (and their copious amounts of energy) moving. What more could a parent ask for? 

Now watch out kids, next time the mommies will be taking the stage. We might be mommies, but we have been known to have a few dance moves of our own. That high score won't be yours for long! 

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