Monday, November 16, 2015

Road Trip: Chattanooga

This weekend was so much fun! We joined some of our friends for our annual adults only "Celebrate Life" trip in one of our favorite southern cities - Chattanooga. 

Each year our dinner club group takes an adult only trip for a weekend getaway. Last year we had a fabulous time in Asheville, NC. This year was kind of tricky because even though we knew the trip was coming up we didn't quite get plans coordinated until the last minute. Literally the weekend before we left did we make solid plans on where to go, what to do, etc. Because only half the group was able to make it we planned to stay pretty close and go to Chattanooga. We had been with the kids before, but never just as a couple. 

Friday afternoon we all dropped our lovely children off at their grandparents' homes and made our way north. I'm not going to lie, the road trip up was quite sobering as we learned of the heartbreaking attacks that were occurring in Paris. We hugged each other a little tighter upon arrival and said our prayers that the beautiful city would find peace soon. 

Mr. Cute and I arrived to the hotel just before dinner time, so we were able to check in and relax a bit before meeting everyone for dinner. We chose to stay at the DoubleTree in downtown Chattanooga

It was the perfect location to be close to everything that we had planned to do and for almost everything we were able to just walk. It had a super cute pool area and several of these cozy fire pits around so that you could enjoy being outdoors but stay warm. 

For dinner we walked a few blocks away to the Big River Grille. It was a fun restaurant and brewery with a slightly nicer sports bar feel. Even with eating dinner late it was packed and tons of people were in town for a football game. It was a fun atmosphere with yummy food...and even yummier dessert. We all ended up seeing the carrot cake walking around so we just had to try it on our own. Yum!!

We called it a night after dessert, knowing the next day we would have a full day. Saturday morning we woke up bright and early despite being kid free. Parent life! 

We ate breakfast at the hotel and then the boys and girls split up for part of the day. The husbands headed out to do man things and shoot skeet, while the girls headed to the spa! 

Since we made last minute plans we weren't sure if we would be able to make reservations anywhere, but we found this cute little spa in the NorthShore District of downtown Chattanooga. The area was super cute and filled with lots of fun boutiques, shops, and yummy restaurants.

The ladies and I were so excited because we couldn't even remember the last time we went to the spa.  Last year on our Asheville trip only a few ladies made it to the spa while the rest of us opted to sleep in. I think for me its been years. Eek!

From the list of menu options I chose a prenatal massage and a facial. This was my home for the next few hours. Ahhh...

Both were heavenly and I was a little skeptical about having a prenatal massage, but they were able to help ease the pain of a few things that I had been feeling. That alone was worth a million dollars!!

And I had a little giggle to myself when I turned around at some point and saw this...

A crockpot! Look at favorite kitchen appliance is also useful at the spa. Who knew??

All of us thoroughly enjoyed our relaxation time and left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. By this time it was mid afternoon so we decided to grab a quick light bite to eat. The receptionist at the spa let us know what her neighborhood favorite was so we made our way over there. 

Her suggestion was a local mexican style restaurant Taco Mamacita. Even though it was chilly out this place was packed even on the patio. We knew it must be yummy then if at 3:00p.m. it was still full for lunch.

We opened with some of the yummiest cheese dip I've ever tasted, and then we dug into the rest of the menu. The ladies ordered some yummy tacos and sides, and I heard they were scrumptious! 

Knowing we were eating dinner in a few hours, I opted for something light and decided on the chicken tortilla soup. It made me laugh when it arrived and it looked like this...

 I had never seen soup where you did the creating. It was fun though and super yummy!

Once we wrapped up our yummy meals and had some fun girl talk we decided it was about time we checked up on the husbands. Oh my were they having some fun! They had ended up at Taco Mac to watch some football and to our surprise UGA beat Auburn! To say they had been celebrating was an understatement. 

We couldn't let them have all that fun on their own so we decided to meet up with them. It was such a great time hanging out and letting loose with our friends. 

 Once we determined everyone might need a little down time before any more "celebrating" went on, we made our way across the street to check out the infamous Moon Pie General Store. Oh my this place smelled like marshmallow heaven before you even walked in the door! My pregnant lady tastebuds definitely perked up the moment we walked in.

It was super cute inside and filled with every kind of yummy Moon Pie you could think of as well as other yummy treats. Y'all...Moon Pie ice cream. Need I say more? 

We had a quick turnaround before our dinner reservations, but I would say we cleaned up nicely. :) 

We made reservations at the TerraMae Appalachian Bistro located in the historic Stone Fort Inn. I am kicking myself for not taking more photos because this place was adorable! The atmosphere combined luxury with a little bit of southern industrial and if I could recreate the look in my home I totally would. 

The menu is farm to table style and changes seasonally, and the extensive bar includes cocktails crafted from moonshine and a southern favorite - bourbon. Everyone (minus this mommy) enjoyed taste testing before dinner. 

I failed to take one photo during dinner as well. Boo! I had the chicken and it was delicious, and Mr. Cute enjoyed the salmon. We ordered the pumpkin creme brulee and pecan pie for dessert and I would say pass on both. Multiple people at the table agreed. Good thing we had that yummy carrot cake the night before so that we got our yummy dessert fix in!

The group decided it was time to end the night just yet, so we Ubered it over to a local bar called World of Beer. It had a fun atmosphere and was unique in a sense. They had a live DJ playing some fun music, but also as we looked around you could grab board games and play some of your favorites with your friends. Next to us there was a mean Connect Four game happening. It was definitely a fun little place. We lasted for a few drinks and lots of laughs and then decided we are old and needed to tuck ourselves in. A quick walk to the hotel and we were all snuggled in for the night. 

The next morning we said goodbye to part of the group after breakfast, but the rest of us decided to take a little walk around town before heading back home. It was so fun to walk the city and check out some of the sites. We made our way to the river and got a little peek of what they have in store for the holiday season. They were setting up a super cute ice skating rink to overlook the river. How fun! 

We made our way over the Walnut Street Walking Bridge and back towards the NorthShore District to show the husbands around a little bit. There were so many fun things we missed the day before. We loved seeing (and trying) out these dance steps that were hidden throughout the sidewalks.

Then because we were so close we took the husbands back to Taco Mamacita's for lunch so they too could let their tastebuds experience the yumminess of that queso dip and those tacos. Let me just say it did not disappoint on day two. 

After we had satisfied our need for melted cheese we made our way back across the bridge to start our journey back home. We loved our time in Chattanooga and can't wait to go back. It is such a fun city packed with tons to do for both couples and families. With it's convenient location to Atlanta, we know it won't be long before we see this sweet city nestled on the Tennessee River again. 

Have you been to Chattanooga? What are some of your favorite things to do, places to eat, etc.? 

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