Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Favorites/Random Ramblings

Happy Friday everyone! I am so glad that this week is finally winding down! It's been a busy few weeks and this is the first weekend we have that we aren't completely over scheduled in a bad bad way. I am so excited to some rainy day snuggling with the family - minus that whole sit in the mud and rain for soccer thing. :) 

Stick with me through my thoughts today, as they are scattered, but wanted to link up with some of my favorite bloggers for Friday Favorites. I have a ton of things that I have been loving lately...

Halloween!! This year Halloween was so fun with the little ones. They were beyond excited to celebrate this year. Even Little Cute picked up on it pretty quick. It was just a joy to see everything through their eyes.

We spent the morning of Halloween at the soccer fields, but then came back and did a tailgate for the UGA game in our neighborhood and then trick or treated once it became dark. Minnie Mouse and Blue Ninja were trick-or-treating pros. 

One of our fun neighbors spent the whole week turning their garage into a haunted house. He put a ton of work into it and it showed. It was so much fun for the kids. Cute went through twice! 

It makes me so excited for next Halloween!

It has been so rainy here this week, but I am not complaining one bit. That meant that I was able to wear my new Hunter rain boots that Carrie Beth got for me last week. I already had the black pair so she grabbed me these fun Hunter Green colored ones. I love them! 

{Side note: I could not photograph these on my actual feet as the belly is now too large to see anything but toes. Eek!}
If you didn't get a chance to partake in the awesome deal she found here are some other great deals we found for you on them: 

Original Tall in a few colors/sizes @ 30% off - HERE
Two Tone Tall Slim (normally $195, now $135) - HERE
Cute Striped Tall (now $115) - HERE

I have been loving using my crock pot lately and getting a lot of ideas from the tasty dishes everyone has been sharing for the Crock Pot Confessions link up. I made one of my favorite meals in ours this week and it was the perfect comfort food for cold rainy days. This pot roast recipe is my favorite!

1 large roast
1 bag of baby carrots
15-20 red potatoes (quartered)
1 can of beef broth
1 packet of onion soup

1: Place all ingredients in crock pot
2: Let cook on low for 10 hours
3: Serve and enjoy!

In addition to our book club selection, I was able to sneak another two books in last month and loved them! 

I was so excited when I saw After You by Jojo Moyes pop up on my suggested list. I had just finished reading our October book club selection in Las Vegas and I needed a new book to get me through the plane ride in case CB and I didn't sit next to one another again. I remember telling all my girl friends how much I loved Me Before You earlier in the year and this was the sequel to that. I loved it just as much and highly recommend Moyes' books. They are each unique and always capture my attention from the get go. 

Low Country Boil by Susan M. Boyer was a random pick that I chose for two reasons: (1) it was a southern based book, and you know we love all things southern, and (2) it was only a $.99 download. I am so glad I chose it. It was fun, witty and the first in a series so I get to follow up and read more. Definitely recommend if you want a light fun southern style read. 

Spending time with my oldest will always be a favorite. Sleeping lately has been rough. If I am being honest Cute has never really slept through the almost five!! I can't be mad at him though...mommy doesn't have the best sleeping habits either, so he comes by it honestly.

Lately he has been popping up early during my morning "work" time so we've been starting our days around 5:30a.m. watching a show or two snuggling on the couch while everyone else sleeps. Knowing that our dynamic is about to change again in the house, I actually have been enjoying this super early one on one time with him.

For L.C.'s birthday we gave her a little mini jogging stroller for her baby dolls, and I've loved watching her the last week be a little mommy. She's pretty tom boyish so seeing little glimpses of her girly side are so fun.

 I have been cracking up watching her push it around. About ninety percent of the time she pushes around random things (or even her brother).

She also makes sure to pack her "essentials". 

So far we've brought it with us to the park, soccer practice, and to multiple parties and it has held up well. It was also super easy to put together which is a huge plus in this house. I ordered the blue one knowing pink might be just a little too girly for her (brother's favorite color is blue so she says hers is too), and she's loved it. 

Part this week and all of last week I battled an awful cold. I downed probably gallons of chicken noodle soup trying to seek some comfort and rubbed myself with the kids Vicks like it was my job, but nothing cracked it. 

During a quick errand run on Tuesday with the kids, we stopped at Atlanta Bread and instead of ordering yet another chicken noodle soup from somewhere. I ordered my favorite meal of theirs - the baked potato soup. 

Mmmm! It never does me wrong.  Hand to Jesus I felt almost instantly better. It's like miracle soup! 

That's all my favorites this week. What are some of your favorites? 

Happy weekend everyone!!

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  1. I have the glossy Hunter Green Hunter's. I love rainy days more than ever now!

    Sara @

  2. Just stopping in from the LinkUp! LOVE that little jogging stroller. My daughter is all about pushing her babies and animals around. Is it sturdy? She goes so fast the the light weight strollers just don't work for her!

    1. Thank you for checking us out! As for the stroller - yes!! Both my son and daughter were super rough with our last one and I wanted to make sure I got something that could handle their rough play. This truly is like a regular jogging stroller (folds up and everything) and the price was so good. I bought it on a whim. But have been extremely happy with it.

  3. I think I'm craving soup now! :) Your Michael Kors bag is gorgeous!

    1. Caitlin - You would think I would be sick of it now, but it's been so cold and rainy its been my go to! And thank you, I love the bag. It is the MK Jet Set Tote. I love the size of it.


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