Friday, December 4, 2015

A Bump Update and My Favorite New Maternity Style

Hopping in this week for Friday Favorites to share all about the baby bump...

Whew...we are in the home stretch now. Or what I at least consider the home stretch. This pregnancy seems to be flying by, but then again, I feel like I have been pregnant forever...

I am now rolling into my 31st week, and am heading into what is notoriously the part of my pregnancies where the "wheels start to fall off". 

(Side note: I seriously had to do the math on that because I had no clue. That first go around I could almost tell you to the hour...third time around we are lucky I haven't given birth without being aware.)

I get fun pics of 3.0 almost every two weeks now at this point, and it is so exciting to see that adorable little face. Even if she is already sticking her tongue out at me. She'll need that sass to keep up with her siblings. 

Right after our trip to Chattanooga, I was scheduled for the infamous diabetes test and 3.0's latest photo shoot. I know most people complain about that drink, but this time around it was like tasting a little piece of heaven itself. I arrived for my appointment with both Cutes in tow, and the office was way behind schedule. It was lunchtime by the time I finished with the test and I am pretty sure cardboard would have tasted good. I kept eyeing the kids snacks the whole time. I was so hungry!!

At 30 weeks baby...
- Is doing well, and weighs approximately 2.5lbs. 
- Is a mover and constantly kicks and shifts. 
- Is riding low, but head is down and ready to go.
- Has made mommy anemic, so I get another pill to add to the already hefty line up.
- Finally has a nursery plan...we have furniture people!! (More on this to come!)
- Is trending like her siblings and makes mommy swell up like the michelin man.
- Makes mommy crave Crispix cereal, juice, and Frosted Lemonades. 

Knowing that the end is near and my attention is going to shift a bit from the first two, I've been trying to spend as much time as possible with The Cutes and enjoying even the smallest moments. How is my oldest almost five?!?

I hope he wants to kiss me forever!! (Maybe with less less tongue though.) 

And looking back so much has changed since my pregnancy with Cute...which doesn't seem that long ago! I've mentioned it before, but one of my favorite things is that maternity fashion has changed a ton. A lot of new brands have come forward since that first pregnancy five years ago, and have created some seriously stylish maternity pieces. 

How cute is this split back sweatshirt?!? It is the Alex sweatshirt in grey from Loyal Hana and has quickly become one of my favorites to wear. It super comfortable and the striped split back makes me  feel so stylish. It also is a high - lo hemline so that you can wear with leggings and not violate the "leggings aren't pants rule". 

I also love that I won't have to give up this cozy piece once 3.0 arrives. Loyal Hana makes all of their maternity attire nursing friendly! They've incorporated hidden zippers on each side to make your clothes easily adjustable for nursing. How awesome is that?!?

I get TONS of compliments  every time I wear one of their pieces. This shirt I wore on our Chattanooga trip, and both my friend L and a few strangers stopped me to ask about it. 

The Christy tee is a light weight crew style t-shirt with a little something extra. The fit is perfect for a growing bump, but also can be worn as a fun tunic post pregnancy and while nursing. 

I think what everyone loves most is this fun band at the bottom. It gives the shirt a little ruffle detail that gives it something a little different than just a plain tee. It is super soft and light weight and know it will be perfect for carrying me into Spring. They have a ton of great pieces in their line and I can't wait to check more out! (Hello super cute jumpsuit!!)

It's crazy to think that come Spring I will have a third in the mix! I am definitely ready for this little one to show her adorable little face, and to start our family as FIVE

Now to work on that nursery...

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**I received this product as a gift from Loyal Hana, but all thoughts and general awesome opinions are my own.**

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